Monday, October 20, 2008

Some news regarding the upcoming update

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

Ten days after the release, here are some news regarding the upcoming patch we're working on.
Here's what we did for the moment:

  • Upload sountrack artworks
  • Add ID3 Tags to the MP3
  • Reupload a compilation of all the MP3
  • Change the soundtrack page
  • Fix elevators when you can get stuck under
  • Upload the walkthrough to MetaCafe
  • Add a disclaimer when the game starts
  • Fix the uneven difficulty of the first levels
  • Find out why advanced and challenges stay locked sometimes
  • Add hints between the 18th and 19th test chambers
  • More than 50 various bugfixes
  • Recompile lunch bag model
  • Add an english part to the commentary, to point out that there's subtitles for non-french speakers
  • Make new "directional sign" textures for the 19th level
  • Fix the dialogues and subtitles
  • Change the particles color for disintegrators
  • Change the particles color for "only-portals" fizzlers
  • Rework a few textures for the BTS part to look less old
  • Clean the level geometry

In case you're not too fond of long text lists, here are some screenshots too.
We don't have any release date for the moment, as we're waiting for the translators to finish their translations.

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