Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bugfixes, Mirrors and Walkthrough

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

After a weekend spent recording, encoding and uploading the walkthrough on a website that isn't even accessible in a whole bunch of countries of the world, I spent my first day fixing bugs. Today, I fixed 50 minor, major and pointless bugs. The problem now is that all of the levels were fixed in a way or another. Which means we'll have to redistribute all of them with the update. 350 MB of compressed levels... well... this is going to be a hell of a patch. We'll release a whole new version and a patch from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0.

On another subject, we lost our first mirror today. Please congratulate the guys at UK Web Builders. They gave us 684 GB of brandwidth over a single 6 hours period after the launch. They even had to pay for the extra brandwidth they used. I'm sorry about this and I hope they won't get too much in trouble! Thanks guys anyway, and if any of our other mirrors is experiencing the same kind of problem, please let us know and we'll delete your link from our list as fast as we can!

I also started to upload another version of our walkthrough on MetaCafe.com, so, don't bother uploading it yourself anywhere. It will only take us a few hours as the videos are already uploaded on Veoh, and MetaCafe can leech them. Thanks to Lucas Picoli from Brazil, who told us about this website!

I'm also still 80 emails late, I don't even have the time to answer to some emails sent to us on October 11th. I feel so sorry, but I need to concentrate on the bugfixes before anything else. I'm reading all of them, I'm going to reply, but for the moment, I need a break.

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