Contact us

If you are representing a website/magazine/company

Just send your request to
Your message will be transfered to the person in charge of the communication.

If you want to provide a mirror for the game

Just send your request to
Don't forget to include the following informations:

  • The name of the mirror as it will appear in the list (100 chars max)
  • The URL where people will be able to download the game from your website/server (250 chars max).
  • The country where the server is located (if you own servers in several countries, list all of them)
  • The URL of your website homepage if available.
  • The name of the provider (the website's name or the person's name).

I want to ask/say something generic to the team

Just send your request to
Your message will be transfered to every member of the team and you could even get an answer from each one.

I want to contact a particular member of the team

Take a tour on the Portal: Prelude Team page, and pick the e-mail address that interest you the most. Please note that members may not answer your question if they do not have the time to do it.

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