Why changing our mind?

During the whole development process, this has been our opinion:
Our goal has never been to make money out of this work. We're not going to ask money and not even to accept it. We used a proprietary 3D engine from Valve, we used their content and we also used a few (three) licensed tracks. For as long as we don't earn money out of it, we shouldn't get too much in trouble for anything. Plus, that was simply not the point of the whole experience in the first place.

Then, when everyone asked us to put a donation link, we changed our mind, but still, we decided to wait until the game was fully finished. We didn't want to earn money before the game was released. It wouldn't be fair, what if people disliked it in the first place?

What did we had to pay?

  • A dedicated server for development and hosting since 2008: 21.59€/month × 15 years = 3886€ (but it's also used for other purposes)
  • A domain name: 6.99€/year × 15 years = 105€
  • Three Portal: Prelude tee-shirts: 61.87€
  • Three tickets for the Festival du Jeu-Vidéo in Paris: 27.00€
  • Efforts, skills and time: 0.00€

How much can you donate?

You donate as much as you want.
1 €, 2 €, 5 €, 10 €, that's up to you!

You still want to donate?

You don't need a paypal account to do so, there's a link hidden on the next page for people who don't own a paypal account.
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