Portal: Prelude Team

Nicolas "NykO18" Grevet

Avatar Nicolas Leader, main level-designer, story writer, 2D artist, videomaker, webmaster and tester.
Contact: nicolas@portalprelude.com
Website: www.logout.fr

Jérémy "Capitaine Mousse" Barbe

Avatar Jérémy Level-designer, videomaker, 2D artist and tester.
Contact: jeremy@portalprelude.com
Website: www.capitaine-mousse.info

Marc "moroes" Bidoul

Avatar Marc 2D artist, 3D modeler and tester.
Contact: marc@portalprelude.com
Website: www.bidoulmarc.be

Special thanks

Sinu "ERH" Spiral (music)

Igor "Halfgild Wynac" Pokrovsky (huge feedback and help)

Scott, Mark and Ryan from ModDB.com (help and support)

John Phillips (fileplanet.com)

Maxx Power (english script corrections)

Laurent "Gectou4" Sémat (tester)

Julien "boudhevil" Tournay (tester)

Leo "Asibasth" Peltier (various help)

Georges "Hurricaaane" Yam (various help)

Geoffrey "Kirumi" Rosin (various help)

David Keyworth (lipsyncing)

Tom Edwards (subtitles help)

sg3s (feedback, forum help)

unclesam098 (feedback, forum help)

Alphasoldier (feedback, forum help)

Hardtimes, d10sfan, ScotisHedgehog77, and many others on steamcommunity.com and moddb.com for providing the community with makeshift patches for this mod while the original author was asleep at the wheel for 10+ years (It's me! I was asleep!)

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