Portal: Prelude Files

Portal: Prelude - Hotfix (1.1.5, 2013) - 2 KB

Download the main game first!
Somewhere in 2013, Valve made some backward-incompatible changes to the way Source mods work. Thanks to Hardtimes and d10sfan on steamcommunity.com, there is now a hotfix to make the mod playable again. Simply extract the 'gameinfo.txt' file to the mod folder, somewhere along this path:
...\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\portal prelude

Portal: Prelude - Start-up Video Hotfix (1.1.5, 2013) - 7.86 MB

Download the main game first!
Restores the startup videos broken since Valve updated the way Source mods work in 2013. Thanks to ReneTM for re-encoding the videos. Simply extract the archive's content to the mod folder, somewhere along this path:
...\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\portal prelude

Portal: Prelude - Full Game (1.1.5, 2009) - 875 MB

Everything you need to play the game!
MacOS Warning: Valve ported their Source Engine under MacOS at some point. Now I don't have the time, motivation, and knowledge to port the game to MacOS myself, but this zipped version and the instructions on how to make it work might be enough for you.
md5 checksum: 4e004117db24d55106e755392e8d4f2a
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