Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day Twenty Five: The Release!

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

That's it!
Portal: Prelude is released!

Thanks to FilePlanet and Planet Half-Life, you can now download the game one day before the official release date!

You will find their review here (it's worth the reading, we love their style):
And you can download the game from our download page right now!

Head up to the Download Page, and enjoy!
Portal: Prelude Banner

PS: There's a little misunderstanding regarding this 24h exclusivity. We're not earning any money of this. It's just one more step to world domination! =)

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 October 8, 2008 11:36 PM, Blogger Tori said :
Oh yeah!


Place in line: 83 /100, 28 minute wait...

 October 8, 2008 11:36 PM, Anonymous WinCamXP said :
Does it work on the Portal DEMO for Steam? (I sent you an email saying the same thing.)

 October 8, 2008 11:37 PM, Anonymous Virtual Console said :
Congratulations on the launch, guys.

I'm downloading it now. :)

 October 8, 2008 11:38 PM, Blogger Alex said :
Place in line... 75/112 yay!

 October 8, 2008 11:38 PM, Blogger NikoKun said :
40/122 with 17 minutes left!

 October 8, 2008 11:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
The queue on the public server was around 70 people when I started, then it jumped up to 115 a few minutes after this news item... I wonder how much bigger it'll get?

 October 8, 2008 11:40 PM, Anonymous Capitaine Mousse said :
No, you need the complete portal

 October 8, 2008 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
-Dances- SO EXCITED! Now all I gotta do is put up with the wait time for download then the download itself....OH THE SUFFERING!

 October 8, 2008 11:42 PM, Blogger Ben Small said :
Thats the only problem with sites like filelanet and gamespy, you have pay money to get instant downloads, where as filefront and other hosting sites you may only need to wait 30 seconds if that at all.

 October 8, 2008 11:43 PM, Anonymous Darky said :
So you actually did it for money...
Uploading this only to one mirror - FilePlanet is to make us buy accounts not to wait in queue. Of course not much people did it, but you knew it will get hell popular, and there WILL be quite much people buying the accounts. Ehhh.... And JavaScript doesn't work for me, so I can't download it... because it's the only mirror... and I was waiting for it soooo looooong -.-

 October 8, 2008 11:46 PM, Anonymous Capitaine Mousse said :

So, wait the other miror tomorow

 October 8, 2008 11:47 PM, Anonymous Steve said :
Congrats on the release! Can't wait to make it through the queue and check this out!

 October 8, 2008 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
More mirrors will be available tomorrow.
FilePlanet got it as a pre-release.
The official release date is tomorrow.

Stop saying things about doing it for money. You made an awesome mod for free, yet people still are complaining and all...
well, that's internet.


Will download tomorrow, gotta sleep now.

 October 8, 2008 11:59 PM, Anonymous jeff said :
yahoooooooooooooo thank youuuuuu
Damn waiting lines.......

 October 8, 2008 11:59 PM, Anonymous ZedoMann said :
Well...See ya when its on a free site...

 October 9, 2008 12:01 AM, Blogger NikoKun said :
lol^ giving up?

I'm already downloading it, nearing 50% now... The wait isn't THAT long. =P Just set it, go get something to eat, then come back and enjoy it!

 October 9, 2008 12:09 AM, Anonymous Mike said :
I am the FIRST man, in the world, to enjoy Portal: Prelude, just thought I'd alt+tab out and let you all know that. It's fucking epic.

 October 9, 2008 12:13 AM, Blogger K-4U said :
2 /89
is my place in line!

Thank god, FINALLY :D

I've waited SOOOOOO longggggg

Mike: I envy you!

 October 9, 2008 12:15 AM, Anonymous Mike said :
16 meg internet helps a bit ;) Don't you all worry, you'll LOVE it. ModDB is right, the hype was well worth it, now pardon me, back to playing.

 October 9, 2008 12:17 AM, OpenID elvis-presnyj said :
This damn site keeps me in line for about 5 minutes and then drops me. Could someone create a torrent and upload it to the Pirate Bay or Demonoid?

 October 9, 2008 12:18 AM, Blogger Zero1328 said :
Being in Australia it's always pleasant when you get a nice surprise when you just woke up.

Anyway, regarding that ModDB Review, are you guys gonna consider improving the dialogue, or are you satisfied as is? They said that some was lost in translation, so maybe you need some editing from some native person. I'm still downloading so I haven't looked at it myself yet, though...

 October 9, 2008 12:20 AM, Anonymous Mkem said :
Yay! It's finally here! I will let it download overnight. BTW. Did anyone notice that small "Donations" link under "Contact"? I though it will lead to a "HAHA! ur teh stpuid guy, cuz we alraedy tlod taht we dont taek donationes"... But it's a true one. You should add a status bar with "Donated so far: ### ?"
Can't wait to play this.

 October 9, 2008 12:20 AM, Anonymous Jeff said :
slowness........... 30 kb/sec.

 October 9, 2008 12:28 AM, Anonymous Darth Butternutz said :
Congratz on the release :)

 October 9, 2008 12:30 AM, Anonymous Jesus said :
will this work on non-steam portal?

 October 9, 2008 12:34 AM, Blogger piklemeup said :
No, you have to have legit portal Jesus, cracked portal won't work.

Also, I have to go to class in 10 minutes, and I get my download spot in 25, I have to wait until after my class until I can download this. This sucks.

 October 9, 2008 12:34 AM, Blogger Simon Mellor said :
this was a triumph

 October 9, 2008 12:42 AM, Blogger DDressler said :
So they didn't get money? Why not! Its not as if Fileplanet is a good mirror. I'm really hoping they did get cash or some other bribe. I can live with a crap mirror, provided said crap mirror gives something in return.

 October 9, 2008 12:49 AM, Blogger Ted said :
Well, that was a complete waste of 30 mins. I get greeted with a borish download speed of 80 KB/s average (I can reach 1MB/s)

Sorry, mod devs. You made the wrong decision with pre-releasing it to Filefront. I'm not waiting 2h40m.

 October 9, 2008 12:56 AM, Anonymous Sarda [CP] said :
if you mean you just didn't tie your legit copy of portal to steam, i think it still won't work.

I was 171 in line when i joined, for a wait time of 29 minutes, and it got up to 183 while i waited! the good thing though, was that i actually had ~900 kbs to download it :D

 October 9, 2008 12:58 AM, Anonymous Sarda [CP] said :
wow, i just noticed all the people having horrible download speeds. Must be your internet providers to all those who had problems, because it obviously wasn't filefront's problem.

 October 9, 2008 1:01 AM, Anonymous Bad Coupon said :
No, Fileplanet has HORRIBLE bandwidth for free users. I've known this for a long time and that's why I never download anything from them if I don't have to.

 October 9, 2008 1:03 AM, Anonymous Super JJ said :
My download is just finished! The rate was good 200-300KB/s in average. I am really excited by this mod.
Congratulations to Nicolas and the whole Portal:Prelude team! I believe I will enjoy the game, for sure!

I don't know if you noticed but there are already more than 1000 finished downloads on filePlanet in only one hour and a half!! This mod is gonna be famous!

Congratulations for your job again!
Super JJ

 October 9, 2008 1:05 AM, Anonymous Ninja-0f-NuGz said :
Downloading now!! woot!!!! I've Been checking the page numerous times everyday for the last week. Congrads boys, You made a lot of people so happy they probably pissed themselves!
I'm one of them.

 October 9, 2008 1:05 AM, Blogger NikoKun said :
Holy Cow this is hard!!! lol

 October 9, 2008 1:06 AM, OpenID chedabob said :
Somebody put it on MegaUpload or The Pirate Bay. I'm not staying up for another 40 minutes just to start the download.

 October 9, 2008 1:06 AM, Anonymous Zoozoo44 said :
Anyone know how to open up The developer Console?

im stuck and i want to get past one part

 October 9, 2008 1:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I'll upload the installer to since I have a premium license to it and maybe I'll start a torrent. I'll post both here tomorrow.
Place in Line 157 /178
Estimated Wait 26 minutes

 October 9, 2008 1:19 AM, Anonymous Cammeron said :
Wohooo!!! Thanks guys 65/101 with 27 Minutes.. its taking so long XD cant wait!

 October 9, 2008 1:21 AM, Blogger bd_ said :
I don't know where all of you are getting this 'fileplanet has slow mirrors' thing, but I got an average of 1.22M/s from their US east mirror. Granted, I did have to wait for 30 minutes to start...

 October 9, 2008 1:29 AM, Anonymous Bad Coupon said :
I take what I said back, I got 2000 KB/sec for some reason. Very happy. :]

 October 9, 2008 1:31 AM, Anonymous Jeff said :
@Bad Coupon
Can you PLEASE make a torrent when you are done, or ANYONE ELSE!!! I get 600 *BYTES* per second on this, and that on a 10mbit connection. I will seed it for the rest of my LIFE if I need to! Please... Somebody?

 October 9, 2008 1:39 AM, Anonymous Sarda [CP] said :
i do have one more comment to make, that i can't get past test chamber 3. i have tried every possible move that doesn't involve madly firing portals everywhere, and i still come up a couple of inches short :(

 October 9, 2008 1:52 AM, Anonymous Cammeron said :
658 kb/s 17 minutes

Speed isn't to bad

 October 9, 2008 2:03 AM, Anonymous Mikel S said :
Well, this is a let down.
I was on the wait before the official announcement, and started downloading it. I walked away, and came back a half-hour later. It had frozen at a mere 6.9mb. I restarted, this time having to wait 30 minutes, and walked away again. Half-an-hour later, I came back to 6.9mb and epic-fail. A waste of 13.8mb of downloading. I'll just wait for a better provider.

 October 9, 2008 2:05 AM, Anonymous BRINGER OF TORRENT said :
Woot-oot! For torrent seekers everywhere, there is...

 October 9, 2008 2:06 AM, Anonymous Jeff said :
@Mikel S:

Just use a download manager, FilePlanet supports resuming downloads.

 October 9, 2008 2:08 AM, Blogger Jeff! said :
@BRINGER OF TORRENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please upload to another site, IM NOT REGISTERED @ DEMONOID!!!


 October 9, 2008 2:17 AM, Anonymous Odin said :
Thanks for the torrent.

I was unable to download from the shitty fileplanet, can't stand that site. It's so slow downloading.
And... the download didn't even start, I mean, the qeue didn't even start - got error.

Filefront rocks anyhow ;) I love it when I see stuff have been uploaded there since it's so fast and easy.

 October 9, 2008 2:21 AM, Blogger Jeff! said :
BTW, my speed now == ~500 kb/s. Even with fileplanet.. -.-
I took the wrong mirror. I live in Europe and took the american (?) mirror :P.

Well anyways, *thank you for helpin' me out*. *I will do the same in the future. Only no seed because... I have it in 10 minutes and not from a torrent.*


 October 9, 2008 2:25 AM, Anonymous Feuver said :
I hope Valve will not destroy this prequel, because I think it would sucks

 October 9, 2008 2:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I feel stupid for asking this but how do you survive test chamber 01?
The blue Portal just spits me out right in front of 4 turrets which happily rape me to death in less than a second. :(

 October 9, 2008 2:28 AM, Blogger Jeff! said :

Quickly throw another portal against a wall, so you stand at the other side of the turrets which you then can throw over :).

 October 9, 2008 2:29 AM, Anonymous Mikel S said :
I couldn't resume it. I tried hitting the pause then resume, then cancel and restart, but every time, it either stayed where it was or never managed to start. And now this stupid torrent, nobody's seeding it.

 October 9, 2008 2:30 AM, Anonymous Bringer of Torrent said :
Hey, you don't need to register, and I'm not the one who put it up, I'm just the one who let you know. Just download the little file, and begin. I just hope the person who put it up comes back to seed it for all of us.

 October 9, 2008 2:31 AM, Blogger Jeff! said :
@Mikel S

Try flashget. Use the old one (from the site.) I'm now at 78% and I *had* the complications you have right now. Just open the link you get at fileplanet and paste (ctrl+V) it in flashget. 500 kb/sec!


 October 9, 2008 2:47 AM, Anonymous Mikel S said :
Um, so, when I'm through the line, get the URL of the download link and paste it into the "URL" area of the "Add New Download" dialog box in FlashGet?

 October 9, 2008 2:49 AM, Anonymous Darky said :
Screw FilePlanet, there is already a torrent download aviable :P

 October 9, 2008 2:53 AM, Anonymous Bringer of Torrent said :
Yes, but the main seeder isn't there. In order for a torrent to WORK, somebody has to actually HAVE the game and be logged into the Torrent. He's not in right now.

 October 9, 2008 2:55 AM, Anonymous Darky said :
Man, I'm downloading it at the speed of 150kb/s.

Umm, what were you saying there? :P

 October 9, 2008 2:55 AM, Anonymous Darky said :
Man, I'm downloading it at the speed of 150kb/s.

Umm, what were you saying there? :P

 October 9, 2008 3:02 AM, Anonymous Darky said :
Oh shit, not anymore :P

 October 9, 2008 3:02 AM, Anonymous Mikel S said :
The torrent seems to be working again... strange, considering there's no seeds...

 October 9, 2008 3:04 AM, Anonymous Bringer of Torrent said :
Thats what I thought. It should stop somewhere around 5 or 6 percent.

 October 9, 2008 3:07 AM, Anonymous Mikel S. said :
OH MY GOD! When I tried to start FlashGet, it froze, so I had to restart it, and it worked that time, but FilePlanet expired my link... This is so stupid... Anyway, I guess thats it. Not wasting another 30 minutes (that'd make 2 hours, now) waiting on line, when I could have been the fourth.

I'll just wait till tomorrow to enjoy it!

 October 9, 2008 3:11 AM, Anonymous Mikel S. said :
The seeder's back on.

 October 9, 2008 3:34 AM, Anonymous Eric said :
Really important question: Has a Wikipedia page been made yet? Are there any plans if not? Please let me know, I would love to help. Also, Cheers!

 October 9, 2008 3:58 AM, Blogger Filip said :
This post has been removed by the author.

 October 9, 2008 4:00 AM, Blogger Filip said :
The first rule of Usenet is... you don't talk about Usenet.

*cough, cough* ahem *cough*

 October 9, 2008 4:07 AM, Blogger Kris said :
=POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!= wondering. in the first level, the one with the Orange portal gun, whats the correct "Way/ways" to complete that one? 'Cause i think i kinda cheated xP.

 October 9, 2008 4:16 AM, Anonymous Sephiroth* said :
ok I'm at test chamber 16 and OMG this game is both hard and exciting ^^
can't wait to see the rest of the game...but I gotta portal myself to bed now...too tired to play the "hard version of portal" without having enough sleep xD

cYa tomorrow guys ;)

 October 9, 2008 4:17 AM, Blogger Jeff! said :
(Possible spoiler)

 October 9, 2008 4:25 AM, Anonymous Infi said :
I can't get the download to work at all. After signing up and clicking through the message scolding me for not using IE, I end up with a "403" error. Guess I'll just have to wait for tomorrow, stupid false hope and all that.

 October 9, 2008 4:54 AM, Blogger JP said :

 October 9, 2008 4:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
grr chamber 19 lol...gonna have to wait til tomorrow.

Great job on the game so far guys! I am really impressed! :)


 October 9, 2008 5:06 AM, Anonymous Nereid said :
Looks like it's up on Filefront if you don't want to put up with FilePlanet. :p;12013501;/fileinfo.html

 October 9, 2008 5:09 AM, Anonymous Zeis said :
yay! finally! 32/76 in Line and 11 Minutes left! \o/


 October 9, 2008 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Yes, filefront link is working, and very fast! 800kb/s or so! thanks Nereid!

 October 9, 2008 5:23 AM, Blogger Jon said :

This happened in chamber 4 I think? I also got stuck outside the map :|

 October 9, 2008 5:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous K said :
Finished the game 10 minutes ago, whoa, that was incredibly awesome. I hope you redo the english voices though ;)

 October 9, 2008 5:35 AM, Anonymous Voicer said :
I hope to get together with a few other people I know and put together an unofficial English Voice Pack for this mod. Its incredible so far.

 October 9, 2008 6:45 AM, OpenID Ganon11 said :
I'd be willing to do some voice acting for a Voice Pack.

 October 9, 2008 6:54 AM, Blogger dady5000 said :
I'd also be willing to do some VO work. I'm american.

Also I'm stuck on chamber 3 I can't seem to get enough momentum to get across to the last ledge, I tried the crouching but it doesn't seem to help.

PS: Email:

 October 9, 2008 7:31 AM, Anonymous Ruffian said :
Ya, test chamber 03, i am stuck. cant jump far enough. I tried crouching.

 October 9, 2008 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
So far so good. Test chamber 3 stumped me too, but I eventually got crouching to work. It was tricky.

 October 9, 2008 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anders said :
Do you have a form for bugs? Couldn't start the game on Vista:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: hl2.exe
Application Version:

Tell me if you want the full error text.

 October 9, 2008 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Damn I have to wait for tommorow :(

 October 9, 2008 8:28 AM, Anonymous delphiki said :
@Anders : did you check the md5sum after downloading the mod ?

 October 9, 2008 8:30 AM, Blogger brett said :
yes! i love it!

 October 9, 2008 8:39 AM, Blogger vulcanmantiscl said :
Haha its quite amusing that portal prelude is now already on several other mirror sites...of course its predictable. Dling from the torrent currently and can't wait to see if the month of religious checking was worth it(i'm sure it will be).

 October 9, 2008 8:56 AM, Anonymous Bluestreak2 said :
I'm loving the game so far. And I'm surprised at the originality for a lot of these puzzles. Great work. My one question so far, am I supposed to be able to get past room 18 without completing it?

 October 9, 2008 9:05 AM, Anonymous FOR THOSE WITHOUT DEMONOID said :

 October 9, 2008 9:15 AM, Blogger Nicolas said :
Yes =)

 October 9, 2008 9:26 AM, Blogger Captain said :
97% :)
been waitin hours on 100kb/s. looking at the popularity I'm bettin she's worth it.

 October 9, 2008 10:10 AM, Anonymous Dementedioser said :
I'm 1/42 with 1 min remaining...
I'm giddy XD
oh and now I get to download it :D
lol thanks...

 October 9, 2008 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Gays you are awesome,thx for the mod!!!

 October 9, 2008 10:34 AM, Anonymous Alex said :
chamber 10

damn difficult!!

I love it!!!!

Thank you for the effort. It's a great game. But some places are almost impossible :-P

I guess I should have played Portal again before the release. Because after 9 chambers I am dizzy :S


 October 9, 2008 10:49 AM, Anonymous takkischitt said :

a well executed operation...! Commercial developers and games designers should take note...! heh...

 October 9, 2008 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Next time you do exclusive pre-release, don't do it with a mirror where you have to wait half an hour when you are a normal (aka not premium=paying) member there.

 October 9, 2008 11:51 AM, Anonymous TK-ONE said :
is this mod in English or in French?

 October 9, 2008 12:06 PM, Anonymous Zrix said :
Here is a fast Torrent with several dedicated high bandwidth seeders;

 October 9, 2008 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Man, Fileplanet love you for sure.
You allow them to make money with your mod while you dont want anything in back appart them to host your files...That's a dream for them!

Since you dont want any money, what's your interest for this exclusivity?

 October 9, 2008 1:14 PM, Blogger Jeff! said :
Downloads: 10,412!


 October 9, 2008 1:29 PM, Anonymous Bastinator said :
LOL 302/303 XDXD

nice release man^^

 October 9, 2008 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Tell everyone that you're not doing it for the money and won't accept donations. Then have an exclusive release on FilePlanet!! haha good one guys! If you didn't get paid for this then you are pretty stupid. I guess I will wait until FileFront or a decent torrent. Better luck next time.

 October 9, 2008 2:40 PM, Blogger Josh said :
I am also willing to help with an english voice pack. my email is gamerjosheudy at gmail dot comm contact me if interested, and I'll send in some samples

 October 9, 2008 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
They did the FilePlanet exclusive launch because they got promotion, not money. Look at and all of the Planet network sites, it's everywhere, also shows up on various other IGN sites too. I don't think 11,000 downloads in 12 hours is something to complain about, Jesus...

 October 9, 2008 4:45 PM, Blogger V. said :
I defenetly would help you with a german voice pack (if planned).

finished the game ^^ i just love the end of it <3

 October 9, 2008 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
The End Was Genius

 October 9, 2008 6:35 PM, Blogger piklemeup said :
I don't understand why you guys are pissed about having to wait 3 hours for the game to download, or are refusing to use filefront. It's faster to use filefront and wait three hours, then to use whatever site you want and wait until tomorrow.

Anywho, there's a torrent now, it was too late for me, but man, that would have been awesome.

 October 9, 2008 9:26 PM, Anonymous steve said :
dude! this game freakin rocks. im on stage 6 or 7 i think, the one where youve got the electrical field staircase and guns. man me n my buddy were playing this... both our frustrations on tough levels were clearly heard xD. good freakin job on the game guys, it really shows.

 October 9, 2008 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Fileplanet is crap. I'd love to play this but not if I have to go anywhere near FP.

 October 9, 2008 10:55 PM, Blogger [EDT]Smoky said :
So its not working on [Non steam] Portal version???
Should i wait for the fix...or i dont have reason to live anymore XD
plz reply somebody!!

 October 10, 2008 10:37 PM, Anonymous Sarda [CP] said :
"Next time you do exclusive pre-release, don't do it with a mirror where you have to wait half an hour when you are a normal (aka not premium=paying) member there."

take a minute to think about what 'exclusive' means. in this case, it only excludes the impatient people who don't have accounts.

The only thing is, I think mods created for Portal on Steam would require an entire rewrite to work without Steam. However, what you can do is get a steam account, and then reinstall portal so that it pretty much just does the same thing as if you had bought it from the Steam store. That's what I did, I had the retail Orange Box and when I went to install it Steam came up.

 October 21, 2008 10:57 PM, Anonymous NV2 said :
Why my comment was deleted?

 October 22, 2008 12:18 AM, Blogger Nicolas said :
I don't remember, but probably because it contained insults or warez.

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