Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

For the few of you that are still arriving on this website for the first time, welcome! Take your time to understand what's going on via the links on the right and feel free to download the mod if you wish.

Dont forget that there's a FAQ answering most if not all of the most common questions I received by e-mail during the last months. Remember, to play the game, you need Portal, this is not a standalone game, and the mod won't appear in your Steam games list if:

  • You don't own Portal at all.
  • You never launched Portal from Steam.
  • You're using a pirated version of Portal.
  • You didn't install the mod properly (unlikely since it's automated)

Anyway, thanks for passing by and feel free to talk about the mod in the forums if you wish. But please, be polite, be efficient. It's been almost 9 months since the mod was first released and I'm now working on something else. Sorry if it takes me a while to do some support or reply to your messages.

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