Saturday, October 11, 2008

World War Three

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

This is a really weird situation. There's a lot of people who didn't like the game at the point to insult us and there's at least the same amount of people who liked it more than Portal. There must be a problem somewhere, because there is also hardcore gamers saying that the game is impossible, and in the meantime there are casual gamers saying that they had little to no problem to finish it. I believe we have some sort of illogic situation here.

For the moment, the forums are temporarily down because of two reasons:
* First, because there is too many flamewars and insults between people who liked the game and people who don't. We don't have the time to moderate everyone, it's useless and it leads us to the second reason...
* Second, because our server won't take it much longer, that's way too many posts and users for this little board and database to handle. Not than PunBB can't take it, but because the server has limited capacities.
I don't like this idea, but I need to shut it down for a while, we need the processing power of the server to work on the mod. The poor thing had to serve 233,470 pages during the last 36 hours, and this is only for the website, not the forum.

Also, we're currently working on an "official" walkthough of the game, because we found that a lot of "unoffical" ones are using way too difficult and unnatural solutions and doing a lot of unnecessarilly complex things. Not that it can't work, but it gives the impression that one can only beat this mod with tricks and stuff... there is no need for tricks and we'll prove it in this walkthrough.

Also, I'd like to apologize again to everyone I could have offended during the last days. I think I never apologized so much than during these last two days. I have a hard time talking and writing in a foreign language for 90% of the day and at some point, I'm starting to be unable to explain correctly what I mean and it looks like I'm basically saying "go f*ck youself" at every post... that was not my intention of course.

Anyway, the mod has been downloaded a little more than what we initially though... Oh, just a little ten times more than the best result we though we could achieve... even the guys at are keeping us on their front page although the exclusivity ended two days ago. We never made this game to fit a such huge number of gamers and I'd like to personally apologize if we wasted your time. We made a stupid mistake by forgetting to add a disclaimer in the description of the mod, or when people start it. We'll work on an update this week and try to fix the uneven difficulty as good as we can (especially for the first 3 levels)

I'd also like to thank the hundreds of people who sent us very long, detailled, efficient and clear emails with their thoughts on the game. Beeing good or not, as long as it's not insults or just "your game sucks" things, I try to answer to everyone (10 hours writing emails today, my hands hurt).

PS: Please, don't be silly in the comments.

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  October 11, 2008 9:22 PM, Anonymous Scumbag said :
Very nicely handled.

I would love a few adjustments to the game.

I made some remarks on the forum regarding the professionalism of the staff and this has pleasantly surprised me.

Keep up the good work.

  October 11, 2008 9:24 PM, Blogger bd_ said :
Don't listen to the complainers - it's impossible to show anything to a large number of people and not have some people hate your guts for it. For what it's worth, although I haven't finished yet, I'm enjoying the difficulty level - it makes it that much more satisfying when I find a solution :)

  October 11, 2008 9:35 PM, Anonymous Alasdair said :
" the meantime there are casual gamers saying that they had little to no problem to finish it."

I find that unlikely. Just how 'casual' are these gamers? I think of myself as a casual gamer, and I couldn't get past chamber 3!

Thanks for admitting your mistakes though, and I'm looking forward to the walkthrough, hopefully that'll make things easier for people like me - who really want to enjoy your game, but just don't have the skills to do so. :)

  October 11, 2008 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Waaaay more difficult than the original Portal - but then again that was piece of cake literaly.

Thumbs up for Prelude!

  October 11, 2008 9:43 PM, Anonymous DalGurak said :
Nicolas , the mod was super ,the story made me want to know more what happened to the main character. Although it was hard to get to the end :) And the ending theme was abit sad like in HL2E2 end.

  October 11, 2008 9:53 PM, Anonymous Andre said :
I would repeat my comment because i want Nicolas to know my opinion.

Ok i think all people should calm down, including Nicolas.

The fact is that the game has good ideas and creativity.
But, the game has a fatal flaw.

Which is the lack of concern in frustration and playability that i finded in the
Chamber 2 and Chamber 9.

Expecially Chamber 9 is a flaw, because it don´t matter if you know how to solve the puzzle, still you can´t solve it because the execution of the solution is almost impossible to do, if you don´t do it milimetrically the way it was designed to.

Or you could have luck in doing it, but then
what is the point of knowing the solution if
your knowing don´t allow you to make it, unless you have luck.

This is an excellent game, with fantastic ideas and

yes, fantastic pluzzes.

But it has a fatal blow, that is those chambers were you know what to do but you can´t do it.
And that is flaw of playability tests.

It´s a fantastic game, with fantastic chambers and pluzzes but it has a flaw that anger people for not being able to play it.

Nicolas, that is the thruth, if wasn´t for chamber 2 and 9, of what i have played until now, people would
be cheerishing your great achievement.

And you did it, you achieve a great game, but it has a grave flaw that need to be fixed or not.

I fixed it by using cheat codes so that i could play the rest of the game that isn´t flawed like

chambers 2 and nine 9.
Sorry to tell you that

  October 11, 2008 9:55 PM, Blogger nikoPSK said :
I'm currently on the chamber after the zappy wall-of-doom chamber. I find your mod just requires a bit of thinking and in certain cases precise timing.

At some points I had to turn off Portal Funnel but other than that the experience has been great; can't wait to find out the ending (heard it was spectacular) and I love that you and staff are taking your time to make a guide to help us on all those parts we cannot seem to comprehend.

I think the mod is great and the only flaw being is the spoken words sound odd at times; although that's nothing to blame you for seeing as you all speak French as a native language.

It really makes you think. The narrative is funny and thanks for all the time put into this wonderful mod!

Nicholas Kruzel.

  October 11, 2008 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Rather than join the ranks of people who don't appreciate hard work, I'll simply make a sudgestion. My biggest frustration with Prelude, being an older game, is that my reflexes can't match the speed needed to hit the buttons to complete the levels. Portal was challenging in that you had to figure out how to solve the level. In Prelude, for the most part, I figured out how to get past an area in seconds. But then spent 30 min. trying to get the button mashing down to actualy pull it off.
A game that is challenging is fun, a game that is physicly impossible for me is not. I hope some of your tweeks can reflect players like me. A little less high speed key combos and a bit more 'puzzle'.

I love the mod, just wish I could play it....

  October 11, 2008 10:03 PM, Anonymous Andre said :
Clarifyng on the chamber 2 of my comment.
The problem of chamber 2, that most people talked about is

that first gap that has the blue portal on the floor.

In that you need to fly using the orange portal.

Taking of that pass gap of the Chamber 2, the rest of it is very good and well

thinked. But that fist gap was a hell to pass through.

Anyway this game is great, besides these two flaws of chamber 2 and 9.


  October 11, 2008 10:04 PM, Anonymous Fish said :
Absolutely loved this game; anyone who says it's too hard needs to go back to playing Halo 3.

  October 11, 2008 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
at escape non of the sounds where working

  October 11, 2008 10:24 PM, Anonymous FlashEF said :
Today I took my time and actually played the game for a longer time. First I tried it, I was stuck on chamber 2 and then 3 where you have to make that ultra-long crouch-jump. Those made me think that this game consists mainly of such stupid (clearly stating what I really thought at that moment) tricks. And then? Series of absolutley great levels, which gave me just as much fun as oryginal Portal, or even more. Everything is just so well made when it comes to eighter gfx, lvl design and ideas. The game would use removing those first 3 lvls which are not fun at all, and showing the rest instantly to the player.

  October 11, 2008 10:28 PM, Blogger Ben said :
Hi Nicolas,

I sent you an email with the subject 'Forum Database'

If you could read it and possibly reply I would be very happy :)

Anyway, onto the game...

I think it is a great game, I think personally the 'hardcore' gamers are more likely just to go out and do something directly without thinking it though first. This could mean that the ones who generally spend more time analysing the game will have more time to think though how to do things. This would lead to more success in Portal and Prelude.

I found the game moderately easy but I got stuck on some parts and had to ask a friend how to do certain parts.

Overall though, It's a great game and It is definitely not too easy, Portal was too easy and it just leaves it with no replay value at all.

  October 11, 2008 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
The work you guys put in is evident. I got frustrated on 2 as well, but I certainly wouldn't e-mail or comment and insult you guys! The whole thing has turned out super fun, it's nice to have more Portal and I truly appreciate the work you put into this. Much love from the USA.

  October 11, 2008 10:32 PM, Blogger uNCLEsAM098 said :
IN response to FlashEF:

I agree completely. The first few puzzles were mainly just there to kill me off it seemed, but after that, and you get your 'bearings', the puzzles were awesome. Just incredible. GlaDOS was fun to fight, but yeah.


  October 11, 2008 10:53 PM, Anonymous discontinuembass said :
Just beat the game and I thought it was amazing, I absolutely loved the GLaDos powering on sequence not to mention the difficulty...I had to look at a few walkthroughs but for the most part i got it just fine. Everyone who is flaming this game probably would have a hard time with most games if they didn't come with an easy setting...Loved and look forward to attempting the advanced chambers

  October 11, 2008 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I'm afraid you're going to have to chalk up another one in the "absolutely hated it" column.

It's level after level of pure chance, really, isn't it? Not really a game at all.

  October 11, 2008 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Easy,the "hardcore" gamers are stupid,and the casual players are realy smart.That is the problem!

  October 11, 2008 11:11 PM, OpenID Lolgar1010 said :

  October 12, 2008 12:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I just have a question for Nicolas...Why do you care so much for the negative comments and/or insults, if they are constructive with the critics ok care about them, but the insults are only becoming a waste of time and $$$. Dont apologies to anyone, try and be more levelheaded.

I liked the game alot and im sure it took a lot of your time to do it, and you are doing all for FREE.

Keep up the good work and dont listen to the idiots out there who dont appreciate the work.

Thanks for the mod!

  October 12, 2008 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Thanks for replying to my email earlier about the standalone .rar (no .exe installer). When that comes out I will be looking forward to playing it!

I have read a lot about both sides of the argument, and I have to conclude that it was maybe a little harder (or maybe less obvious) than people expected, resulting in frustration from everyone, meaning that they feel like whining.

  October 12, 2008 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Awesome game it makes really fun. but at the end where i activated glados suddenly the game is very slow and the sound goes off. Can anybody help me ?

  October 12, 2008 12:30 AM, Anonymous TheShapechanger said :
I'm so terribly sorry you've had to experience just vicious insults and degradation when this is an extremely high-quality piece of work. It's gleefully obvious how much effort has gone into your mod, and, having now beaten it, I could easily consider it one of the most spectacular user-created games I've ever played.

And precisely as you've said, people are simply not thinking your puzzles through. I was watching my friend play, and he was trying some absolutely ridiculous means to accomplish a puzzle because he hadn't taken the time to analyze it more thoroughly. The necessity for twitch-play in your mod is highly exaggerated, and if you do end up creating a "less difficult" version, I implore you to keep the original available.

True, I hit certain sections where it took me up to an hour to traverse a single area. But you know what that means? That means it was a good, quality puzzle. At one point I was convinced that you had made a terrible oversight in one of your puzzles, but, upon further examination, it all fit together beautifully, and I was ashamed for ever thinking that, perhaps, you hadn't carefully considered every careful detail. Your mod was challenging, the professional quality development is evident in all aspects of it, and the storyline elements were nothing short of brilliant.

Nobody has any right to complain or tell you your mod is bad. In the end, it's completely free to them, so if they're frustrated because they don't have the solutions handed to them with a side of bacon, they don't have to play. These people who feel as though they have some undeniable right to a mod to be exactly as they want it are embarrassing leeches on the entire community, and so again, I ask you to please just ignore those idiots. Your mod was excellent, and nobody has any right to tell you otherwise.

  October 12, 2008 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Over all the mod is very good, it looks a lot like portal and most maps feel like Portal. The end bit running through the center with manhacks flying around was intense. (:

However to make it more difficult in the end it seems like you relied more on chance to kill the player/set them back. I have large problems with chambers 18/19 and the final boss.

Chamber 18/19 present a problem for two reasons. The first is that you break the convention from Portal that each chamber is self contained. Nothing comes from one level to another, each is a clean slate. The second one is the reliance on chance. The "Stairway to Heaven" room is hell on wheels. Not only do you have to worry about the platform your starting from but also if you try to use another platform on your way down and then a third time when you finally manage to tag a platform. That much chance is a recipe for quick save/load hell.

The final confrontation with the boss is another exercise in frustration. I don't know if I did it correctly but I couldn't find any reliable way to control my movements when the boss takes control and would end up being killed by a flying forklift/I beams way too many times. I eventually got lucky and both myself and the module landed close together. It also didn't seem like it required the portal gun at all (might be doing it wrong but nothing else was obvious). I think this was a challenge that even the Portal team had, as the GLaDOS fight only marginally relied on the portal gun.

Executive summary: chance bad, skill good. Self contained levels.

With some changes I think you have a really good mod here.

  October 12, 2008 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I just beat the last level of the mod and wanted to thank you for your work. Really.
FYI I only got really stuck on the 19th chamber, looking for a way to get the energy-ball-dispenser to work...

J'espère que ce projet sera porteur pour vous (il serait peut être temps d'envoyer un CV chez Valve? :))

  October 12, 2008 12:44 AM, Blogger NikoKun said :
I love the game, I think it's great. The story should be developed further and officialized, as it fits in PERFECTLY with the Portal universe.

BUT, that said... While most were PERFECT and new, and fun to solve... a few of the puzzles were FAR too difficult. Not so much puzzles, as physical efforts, which had to be completed TO THE PIXEL.
Sure a few hardcore folks will think "I did it, so it must be perfect!"... But I myself play these types of games a LOT... and even I admit this game is ridiculously hard sometimes.

The main problem with these puzzles, is that there is no "wiggle-room". You either have to hit it within the 1 pixel allowance zone, or you'll fail the puzzle.
Don't change the puzzles, just widen the "allowance zones" for those hard puzzles.

But of course, leave the challenge modes as hard as you can make them. ^_~

  October 12, 2008 12:52 AM, Anonymous TheShapechanger said :
"The "Stairway to Heaven" room is hell on wheels. Not only do you have to worry about the platform your starting from but also if you try to use another platform on your way down and then a third time when you finally manage to tag a platform. That much chance is a recipe for quick save/load hell."

The platforms moved in an extremely rhythmical, predictable manner. Not to mention you could simply stop and wait on a platform for them to realign properly. I don't mean to be insulting, but it sounds to me like you just didn't think it through.

  October 12, 2008 12:55 AM, Anonymous |a51|GOTTI said :
I dont see a reason why pople are angry that the game is too hard.


few lads made a mod it up to them how its gonna look. They dont force anyone to play it, so why are you offending authors who put so much effort into it + time + money jus wait for official prelude or play Portal again.

I don't see any reason to start swearing etc cuz you can finish the game you just don't play it over..

  October 12, 2008 12:57 AM, Blogger CosmicD said :
Strange, that I commented on another forum that 'the learning curve for this game is way to steep' thinking I was the only one in the world who would think so because of my bad visual imagination and sense of direction :P Only to come here and find that the forum is actually closed because of flamewars for this reason.

You know, I like the way you guys spent probably hours in making this game look and feel like the style of portal and you spent alot of time doing the glados voices and I t hink it's even a bit dorky (meant in a funny way) to hear all these t2s voices saying funny things. It really put me in that atmosphere which actually parodies itself because ALL the voices are t2s (but i don't think the user is supposed to see it that way).

Then I try the first puzzle and Immediately I have that sense that you were trying to create a mod which would appeal to uberleet portal fans who thought that portal was way way too easy. And you provide a challenge for them.

Somehow I feel like you start this mod at the difficulty level that portal ended. But one of the key stuff that valve has always said is that they want to make sure that people would understand the obstacles they were having to overcome, then test the user upon that skill and create a slightly more difficult challange to see if they know it;

In this mod, you start right off by giving the user one portal, making him feel like a beginner: but then he has to actually do a nonstraightforward turn around and immediately throw away a turret. I didn't know this untill i saw the video on youtube. OFcourse you saw the turrets in the begining level but the room kinda doesn't tell you much.

I thought: ok, I'll really sharpen up my expectations of the difficulty of this game and try to figure out the next levels. Which went quite ok for the 2nd level.

But in one of the next rooms there's these 2-phased jumps you already present but not only that, you also need to wrap your head around 2 obstacles at the same time, then wrap your head around the fact that you have to press a certain cursor key in order to land to the upper ledge correctly.

So i found that the learning curve went up a million times, without actually preparing you for the specific thought processes you had to make to make it trough this level. Maybe that could mean that I'm mentally not that good: but I don't think so, as lots of people appearently thought they couldn't quite find solutions quickly.

I think the problem with the levels' difficulty is that you sometimes have to think ahead about handling multiple portal jumping phases at once too much , having only the room and your sense of space and direction. (and a few pictograms that arn't in the right order, or do I see this wrongly?). You guys were enthousiastic about creating a challenging portal game.

But it feels overdone sometimes. For example: there's this room where you have to open a trapdoor in order to progress and find mommentum to reach the upper rooms. It's already challenging enough to find the spots where to put the portals, which was very fun to me: but why does it have to be a timed door ? It creates tention and also requires you to be quick. ANd for a level 5 room it feels more like it's a level 17 in the standard game.

You'd never hear me flame about these kinds of things though, and I'd like to follow the game, execute the portal runs and find out about the wearabouts of GLaDoS, cause this mod is really great in it's design. I just wish the puzzles were a bit more forgiving.

  October 12, 2008 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Passed game for 2 times without any problem. It is not hard at all.

  October 12, 2008 1:15 AM, Anonymous Jibece said :

Je vais éviter de m'exprimer dans un anglais approximatif (et limitant mon expression :(), donc désolé pour mon français :p

Je suis pas un hardcore gamer, j'ai fini Prélude, parfois en m'aidant de solutions trouvées sur Youtube, et même avec ça, j'arrivais à trouver le jeu ridiculement difficile...

Cependant, je reconnais que les maps, même si elles ne sont pas parfaites, sont plutôt bien conçues; et plus important encore, la trame scénaristique est excellente: elle s'intègre parfaitement bien à l'univers de Portal, et rien que pour ça, c'était un vrai plaisir de finir le jeu. Petit plus pour les doublages qui sont de grande qualité.

Donc voila, merci pour ton mod, et bonne chance pour les jours qui vont suivre.

  October 12, 2008 1:24 AM, Anonymous alphaman said :
moi je n'es qu'une seule chose à redire sur le mod et il s'agit d'un anachronisme (je crois que c'est sa le terme)...

"The cake is a lie" est inscrit partout sur les murs, mais sa correspond pas à l'histoire du jeu :S Après tout, c'est Glados qui dis le mensonge du gateau!

  October 12, 2008 1:28 AM, Anonymous Mikel S. said :
RE: Chamber 2. The first time I tried the gap jump, I had trouble. Second time, less. Third time, did it in 3 tries. Now I can do it flawlessly. You just need to run into it, keep full forward momentum, and crouch. You sail perfectly across. In fact, the beauty of THAT solution is that it was ALMOST an accident. I knew what I had to do, but I hit the crouch button earlier than I planned, and it worked fine. You guys have to think about this: Aperture Labs is TESTING the use of their portal gun, so some things are going to take a bit of trial and error, and Nicolas portrayed this well.

  October 12, 2008 1:40 AM, Anonymous Sarda [CP] said :
"But it feels overdone sometimes. For example: there's this room where you have to open a trapdoor in order to progress and find mommentum to reach the upper rooms. It's already challenging enough to find the spots where to put the portals, which was very fun to me: but why does it have to be a timed door ? It creates tention and also requires you to be quick. ANd for a level 5 room it feels more like it's a level 17 in the standard game."

i actually had no problem with that level once i got up to the top. sure, i actually opened that door about 7 times, each time learning that the puzzle was bigger. but when i got to about the 3rd stage up in that small room, i was actually excited once i realised the purpose for such a long wait time. and i'm not saying i'm one of those uberleet people, far from it. i will freely admit that i had to cheat through portal the first time. but the room you're talking about has a huge amount of space for error; i would know.

  October 12, 2008 1:41 AM, Anonymous Superchickenhunter said :
cant wait to see how the makers beat the levels. I dont think they intended for me to cheat through 19

  October 12, 2008 1:49 AM, Blogger VorpalStorm said :
I stumbled upon this last night and was so excited to see a fan's rendition of how Portal all started, as well as see some new challenges!

First off, I'm so sorry some people have been flaming this awesome game. I can why they would, but I can't imagine going off on you guys. You've put so much energy and effort into this project and it shows!

That said, the game IS hard. But not as an expected mind-numbing puzzle challenge. I feel like I have been playing Megaman 1 again. I find it more similar to a really hard, pixel perfect platformer than a puzzle game. (Which I never thought Portal could do, so massive kudos on that.)

Something is wiggity, though, because - yeah - there's tons of different feedback. I'm part of the group that can't seem to get past Chamber 03 and spent 30 minutes trying to get out of 02. It's frustrating on my end because I'm hearing others getting though it fine and I so badly want to see the story you've concocted! I greatly look forward to your walkthrough.

If you do decide to revise in the future, all I can suggest is make the first few cambers more forgiving. Gamers do have the ability to be fickle, unfortunately, and if the game appears too hard, then they'll get mad and forget it.

Much love!

  October 12, 2008 2:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I can't wait to see the next improvements. Really nice mod there, good job! :)

  October 12, 2008 2:42 AM, Blogger Private Cox said :
First up, I'd like to say a sincere "Thankyou" to the team for putting in the time & effort to make such an ambitious mod, and pulling it off.

It's clear that you've put alot of time into this, and I know that the last few days have probably been a rollercoaster of elation and hell for the lot of you, but hang in there!

One thing I noticed after I played through the game was that the book-ends of the game (Chambers 01-03 and 18-19) where substantially more challenging than Chambers 04-17. If you'd like some constructive criticism, perhaps placing an extra instructional sign (or graffiti) or extra slice of audio from the Aperture Science dudes would help?

Anyway, as the above peoples have said, whenever you do anything in the public eye, there are always going to be people who love you, and people who hate you. It doesn't matter if you're making a mod, working for charities, running a political campaign, or (sparing a thought for our LHC brethren) discovering more about the world around us. And yes, I know that having invested months of hard work and dedication into something like this does make you quite attached to it, but don't let people who just hate for the sake of hating get to you. Remember why you wanted to do this in the first place, and everything will be fine.


  October 12, 2008 2:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
The next message is in french :

Salut, j'ai trouvé votre jeu excellent, la seule chose que je n'ai pas aimé c'était le fait que vous avez copié certains levels de Portal : Flash version. L'auteur du jeu avait quand même refait certains de ces maps sur le Portal d'origine, alors je me demandais pourquoi que vous en avez fait aussi.

En tout cas, je n'ai pas trouvé de problème en tant que tel dans le jeu, j'ai trouvé cela même moyen (la plupart des levels fait en 5 minutes et d'autres 20) puisque j'avais déja joué à Portal : Flash version et le MapPack du même auteur pour Portal.
Bonne continuation pour vos prochains projets, j'ai bien aimé le scénario, bref très bon jeu.

Vous avez innové pas mal entk, continuer comme ça. Serait-il possible que vous travailleriez un jour pour une compagnie comme Valve?

  October 12, 2008 3:18 AM, Blogger Huw said :

Don't let that get you down. What you've done here goes beyond impressive. I've played through very few single player mods that have reached the heights yours have.

I think you should also get a strong mention for your release strategy. I caught no press on this, first I'd heard was a day before release. Such a late surprise strategy avoids the frustration of apparent mod-limbo on long running projects and has also allowed this mod to be seen for its real value, instead of being short of artificial hype generated by the wait.

So big thank you for that one.

My criticism lies mainly in the writing, voice acting and a few gameplay issues. Namely some of the comedy seems lost or over forced in the English translation and there are continuity problems if your trying to be within the main portal story. Yet on the other hand the very fact these are raised also stands as an endorsement of your work. Its something so often abandoned or tacked on with little thought. Its fantastic to see a project that puts it at the core.

I felt in particular chambers 19 and 20 (or the last two can't quite remember numbers) were two pieces of fantastically structured and executed pieces of gameplay. mixing some challenging methods with some really rewarding movements. (I'll admit i thought it was a gimmic at first but the shaft with moving platforms at the end of the chamber was fantastically fun to play.) Congratulations.

and thank you for your time and a genuinely pleasurable gaming experience. Hopefully you'd be persuaded to go on from this and keep making some new content, in whatever form that'd be.


  October 12, 2008 4:02 AM, Blogger Andrew said :

Great mod!

What about voice actors? Are you considering adding voice acting (from human participant) into the game? If so, I'd love to audition!


PS: the comments about level 2... look into it.

  October 12, 2008 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
October 11, 2008 10:04 PM, Anonymous Fish said :
Absolutely loved this game; anyone who says it's too hard needs to go back to playing Halo 3.

You win 400 internets.

  October 12, 2008 5:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I would just like to say, thank you and thanks to everyone else involved with the creation of this mod. I know there's been a lot of tough criticism and I won't pretend to understand why.

I loved this mod, and for me that's very rare. Good job.

  October 12, 2008 5:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I don't understand how people would be unable to like this mod. I just finished playing through it and both my brother and I found it PHENOMENAL. Your story is amazing, the chambers are well thought out (even though very hard for us with bad reflexes. I have to admit to noclipping on the part of one of the last levels with the tower of platforms). In both of our opinions, this is Valve worthy material. Great work and thank you all so much for spending your time making this!

  October 12, 2008 5:51 AM, Blogger brett said :
Seeing as how there's already so much response to this, my little voice probably won't be heard, but damnit i gotta say something.

I completely understand your frustration from mixed reviews on the mod. Me being a mapper myself (I map for the Gldsrc engine) I can have a little sympathy for you on that. You think that because some people didn't like it, it wasn't even worth it and now you look bad. And no, not everyone's going to like it. But did you get what you wanted? Look at how many people have downloaded the game, obviously they had to know about it to download it. Like you've said, your response to this was much bigger than you'd ever thought.

To wrap it up, very good job from everyone. I very much appreciate the hard work. I know there's still even a lot to do, but everything has DEFINITELY been worth it.

  October 12, 2008 5:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I am amazed how many people think this mod is overly difficult.

Granted, I'm only on level 9, but I've only died THREE times. I do consider myself a hardcore gamer and if you think this mod is difficult, try playing Barbie Horse Adventures.

  October 12, 2008 5:56 AM, Blogger blueskirt said :
I haven't played Portal Prelude yet. From the reviews I read, the game had issues with the writing, the joke delivery and the voices and I prefered to wait until the mod was patched to its final version before downloading it.

I think this reaction to the difficulty level is because your mod feature an original story, with original voices and all that. Had your mod been only a collection of difficult levels for Portal ninjas, nobody would have complained. But offering an original story will invariably makes every players who enjoyed the story of Portal, want to play your mod. Portal being an easy game, accessible to both hardcore and casual players, the casual players who expect a casual experience and a good story with Prelude will leave disappointed.

Read carefully your "About" section on your website. In the last months, your mod was greatly hyped, both on your own website and on various media outlets, as being a mod that would continue the story of Portal, it wasn't hyped as being a series of very difficult chambers for Portal ninjas only. After all this hype about the original stories and the numerous original line of text and NPCs that aren't cubes or turrets, you cannot just put a sticker that read "For Portal ninjas only" and call it a day.

There is a solution to your problems, a very simple solution that will please everyone. Keep all the levels you have right now and put them in the Advanced Chambers section, and simply make all the levels easier, that way, you will please the casual players who want to enjoy a good story, and you will please the hardcore players who want to face harder challenges. The solution is very simple, it all depend how much time and energy you are willing to invest to polish your mod, and make its story accessible to a broader public.

If you are too tired to work on this mod anymore, take a couple weeks off, relax a bit. But in the end, it's really up to you to decide what is more important: The levels or the story. Did you want to offer players a more difficult experience, or did you want to tell people a new story in the universe of Portal?

I haven't played your mod yet so I cannot really judge the difficulty of the levels. I am merely pointing out what in my opinion is the most simple and easy solution to your problem, a solution that would please both the hardcore and casual players if you are willing to invest the time and energy to solve the situation.

  October 12, 2008 6:04 AM, Anonymous Kirbychwan said :
Honestly, screw the casuals. Let them know that it's very difficult, and if they still want to whine and cry about free content, let them. There's always going to be some balance issues in mods, it's just a fact.

I for one, thank you for making this mod.

  October 12, 2008 6:04 AM, Anonymous Sarda [CP] said :
it seems like you also haven't read the entirety of the comments made here. i HAVE played the mod, and while i did have trouble with some things, it is not at all for 'portal ninjas'. however, if you found the Portal Advanced Chambers to be too hard, then yes you may not finish this. Once again, they did say it would be hard. And, no, the Portal AC are not for portal ninjas either. that's why Valve made those other challenges, like least amount of time or least steps.

  October 12, 2008 6:22 AM, Blogger TRON.dll said :
Hey, just found out about your mod yesterday, lol.

I'm playing through it and enjoying it very much. It's provided a good challenge so far and it's great fun. I've really got to give a lot of kudos to your level design skills. As a game designer, I have to say I'm really impressed, as you managed to make me think that I'm actually playing official maps from Valve sometimes, hehe. Very nice, you won the game and defeated the giant enemy crabs. Nice.

  October 12, 2008 8:14 AM, Blogger Awfulshot said :
Was I NOT supposed to beat test chamber 18 by just stepping on the button and making a portal through the door? = 10 seconds max on that level

  October 12, 2008 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I hope the creators of this mod get to read this. Because they deserve serious props.

Yes, I found the game very difficult at times, but what you've created is outstanding.

Some serious thinking and hard work went into this and the outcome is professional and tons of fun. Very, very good job.

  October 12, 2008 8:56 AM, Anonymous Jojo said :
you made a nice game, but sometimes it was not limited by intellect and being able to visualize hat to do, but by shear motor skills, i could finish most of it though only, i can imagine that if you aren't used to twitchy FPS games and still using the old ball-mouse on a wooden table it can be really impossible to finish. (btw, what kind of computer/mouse/keyboard setup did you use for playtesting?)

  October 12, 2008 9:55 AM, Anonymous Cwaff said :
I'm absolutely loving the game sofar. Some puzzles though I found harder than they should be. This was because I was thinking too hard, perhaps this is why the "hardcore" fans are struggling.

Anyway thanks for the awesome game, almost finished 19!

  October 12, 2008 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Rehashing what other people said, but from a different POV:

The basic problem with Portal Prelude is that its target audience is not its target audience. Portal is a widely lauded and brilliant game, because of its fun and orginal story, its fun mechanisms, and its ability to please gamers of every skill level. Portal Prelude, from the outset, looks like another Portal: a series of challenges with an interesting story guiding you through them. So the game is going to picked up by all the fans of the original Portal. And, guess what, it is not meant for "all the fans of the original"; it is meant for a (very) small subset of those fans.

Portal is a puzzle game; Prelude is a twitch game.
Portal is forgiving; Prelude is unforgiving.
Portal wants to help the player; Prelude wants to kill the player.
Portal is open in the sense that you can shoot portals everywhere, giving you a multitude of possibilities to approach a puzzle; Prelude only allows you to use the portal gun in very specific places, limiting your possibilities to approach a puzzle to the specific ideas of the author.
Portal is just plain fun; Prelude is an exercise in frustration.

Both Portal and Prelude are completely linear games: you have to solve each and every puzzle in sequential order to finish them. However, Portal makes that doable for virtually everyone, while Prelude revels in getting most players stuck on a puzzle in the second room.

The thing is, people like different things. Some people enjoy frustration, they enjoy trying an retrying a tricky bit of movement over and over and over again. Most people, however, do not. And the big problem is: Portal appealed to that class of "most people", and so they became Prelude's apparant target audience.

Some people here point out that the big problems are rooms 2 and 9. I personally did not think room 2 was that big a problem. Sure, it took me about 30 tries to do it, but I was still in a mood to try that out. By the time I got through room 5, however, I had given up: this is not a game for me. I noclipped through some of the rooms, trying them at first but when not succeeding sufficiently quickly, just skipping them. Surprisingly, some of the rooms I was able to do and enjoy in a Portal-like way: I am thinking specifically now of rooms 10 and 11 (the one bad thing about room 10 is that you can put it in an unsolvable state, but fortunately there is the Autosave system, so I forgive that). After those two rooms, I was even thinking the game had taken a turn for the good, but room 12 brought me down again.

No, it is not rooms 2 and 9 which are the problem. It is virtually every room which is a problem, at least, for the great mass of Portal players. For the hardcores, probably room 9 is exactly what they want of a game: a room that is small, but takes a long, long time to get just right, after which they can thumb their chests and be proud of their accomplishment.

What struck me was that even in walkthroughs posted on YouTube, we see players trying and retrying jumps until they get it exactly right, sometimes even dying in the process. That seems weird, because usually in visual walkthroughs players show you how to do a room in as little time as possible. But for Prelude, this is what can be expected. A good player, someone who is really skilled at Portal, will find these rooms incredibly challenging. A casual player who does not like spending an hour on practicing one jump, will find them impossible.

And this is not good. You can say, of course, that your game is meant for hardcore gamers. But why, then, did you include such an elaborate story? Hardcore gamers want rooms to test their twitch skills in, and you gave them that. These people would have been content with just the rooms. But you obviously spent a lot of time crafting a story, movies to go with the story, getting music, etc. In short, you spent a lot of time on designing the parts of the game that should appeal to a wide public, and then you make the game inaccessible for most of that public.

It is actually possible, without that much work, to make Prelude a game that appeals to the great mass of Portal players. Allow more places to shoot portals into. Remove or seriously lengthen some of the timers. Remove some of the killing elements, such as the liquid floors and many of the turrets. Make jumps easier by removing the necessity to do them just right (for instance, in room 3, you can move the upper panel forward some more after the player reaches the level just below the top). Basically, make every level easier, and then install the current version of the game as the "advanced levels" (as someone suggested).

Wouldn't that be great? You would have a game that appeals to a huge number of people, while still being able to please the small group that enjoys Prelude now. Man, you would have a big hit on your hands.

And if you do not like to do that yourself, how about making it possible for someone else to do that work? I bet there would be many aspiring game programmers willing to give it a shot.

You have the potential for a classic game here. All it takes is the desire to make it that.

  October 12, 2008 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
You don't need to change anything besides chamber 2. Heck, not even chamber 9.

Fix the voicing and the end when he says "Everybody run" and it's good.

  October 12, 2008 1:42 PM, Anonymous Alasdair said :
Anonymous, 11:00am: best comment so far. I agree completely.

  October 12, 2008 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I think the game just needs the flings re-tuning, and voices re-done and then its a lot more playabale

although I wouldnt say its the best SP mod Ive seen

  October 12, 2008 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Next time, let your game start with a writing saying "Warning, this game is very difficult!" in big red letters and everyone will be fine.
I'm not a hardcore portal player but i still could beat the Prelude Advanced chambers.


  October 12, 2008 3:35 PM, Anonymous DoctorNow said :
Well, much said here already, but I think I give my 2 cents, too. ;-)

Great mod, I couldn't await to play it, but I was also wondering about the start, which I found a bit difficult, especially chamber 2 which requires the cannonball method to come over the gap.
That's an advanced technique for experts and in the first it wasn't that clear to use it.
Even if I'm an advanced player (played already over hundreds of different maps & mods) I needed some tries.
I've not finished the game yet, but the rest after that is better and really great!
It's somehow obvious that the mod is created for advanced players (I guess I couldn't solve many of the puzzles if I didn't had the experience yet), so new Portal-players who just found out about this mod will become frustrated, which we already have. ;-)
Some finetuning is necessary to make it more playable for beginners, but that is already clear.

  October 12, 2008 4:36 PM, Blogger Ryutse said :
Chamber 9.. Hard?

Don't people bother thinking?

  October 12, 2008 4:41 PM, Blogger Fawful said :
Yeah, I think I have to just not play this game more until you change chamber 2. I tried that for like an hour, just about every way I could think and couldn't get the timing right.

  October 12, 2008 4:50 PM, Blogger Fawful said :
Oh also it should REALLY autosave after the whole portal gun speech if possible when you pick it up. Since right after that, the player is pretty much guarenteed to die once or twice (probably alot more) and having to listen to that speech is annoying. The player shouldn't have to quicksave to avoid hearing it

  October 12, 2008 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
You can all suck my big fat c0ck and go to hell! This mod rocks, no flaws.. it's perfect! I have an absolute hard-on for the makers of this mod :-DDD

  October 12, 2008 6:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Main story is way 2 hard, and leaves 2 little margin for mistakes - Chamber 9 FTW >< I think that you should add harder levels to challenges, and make main story little easier, mod is good, keep working, but it is way 2 hard for people who are just a little bit slower than others.

  October 12, 2008 7:24 PM, Blogger Genevier said :
I 'almost have the time to read the news, so I can't do the same for the rest. And that's the same thing for the game, I just played 30 minutes because I hadn't the time to do more.

So for the moment, I like it, and I see the difference between this one and the original, especially in term of difficulty. I will thank you for true once I will finished it but still, great job, because even if I won't like what comes next, every work that has been done with such will has to be rewarded!

PS : Je suis français et ça me fait bizarre d'écrire anglais à d'autres français mais bon, apparemment, c'est only english here donc j'ai tenté de faire un effort ^^ En tout cas bravo à toi :)

  October 12, 2008 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
In my opinion the main problem so far(im just at level 2) is that I didnt know you had to crouch to gain more momentum. I had to read the comments in here to learn it. In the original portal they take the time to teach you any important gameplay mechanics first.

  October 12, 2008 7:31 PM, Anonymous Mikel S. said :
Okay. My review of the negative comments so far: You all say you merely want it easier, but the way this mod is made, making it "easier" would require a total overhaul, not something that a few people spent 10 months working on a truly challenging mod want to do, I'm sure. Anybody who is bashing the timers, get a new mouse, a new computer, anything to make you be able to see that the timers are almost never a problem. Sure, in chamber 17, the first timed switch might be hard to make use of the first time you push it, but its WAY easier if you work your way BACK to it once the turrets are gone, then you can make it to the wall with 10 seconds to spare, easy!
As for the "They made a story, so everybody has to be able to play it" argument, give up. They made a story, they made a difficult mod. You can only get the story, if you can PLAY the difficult mod. Think of it as a... reward. A reward for being able to truly Think With Portals, albiet, not everyone can.

Test Chamber 9: There is an even easier solution than Ryutse's link. You need to realise that if you shoot two portals facing the same direction on the floor, and go in one from the direction it was shot, you are going to come out the other facing the wrong way.

Also, I never encountered this problem nearly as much in portal, so this is my only criticism: It takes a little getting used to to always land in a floor-2-floor portal DIRECTLY facing downwards. But then again, there were a fraction as many floor-2-floor portal situations in original Portal.

Portal gets you into the hang of Thinking With Portals, a warmup, if you will.
Portal: Prelude challenges you to Think With Portals in new ways, given SPECIFIC circumstances. Not bad, unless you fall in one of the categories, not all of which are the user's fault:
Bad Mouse
Bad Computer
Slow Reaction Time
Experiences Vertigo
Not Motivated
Had to cheat through any of the Portal test chambers

The funny thing about the first 2, is that they can be overcome by sheer Portal abilities. The third and fourth, not your fault. Five and Six, why did you bother with this game?

  October 12, 2008 7:41 PM, Anonymous OnboardError said :
Too hard for me but well mapped, lit, and brushed. You put a lot of time into making it look like valves portal. A+ on the mapping. Im sorry, just to hard for me to finish.

  October 12, 2008 7:45 PM, Anonymous sg3s said :
I would like the bashing of chamber 9 to stop.... it really isn't that hard... Sure chamber 2 is hard and the twitch skills you need are impossible to just get but 9 is just THINKING WITH PORTALS...

Here are 3 ways to solve chamber 9:

Now chamber 2 is very difficult, I will admit that, but here is a good guide that may help you:

Chamber 19 is even more difficult... But can be done and is quite reasonable, especially if you were able to complete chamber 2...

Thats all... Now stop bashing chamber 9 pls

  October 12, 2008 7:47 PM, Anonymous sg3s said :
Oh and lets not start about the advanced chamber 9 HAHAHAHA

I completed that one yesterday... that was quite the challenge... and there it's not the 'getting over the glass' part that is hard...

  October 12, 2008 9:31 PM, OpenID ayaseyue said :
My boyfriend is playing the game right now and honestly guys, great job. You made a fantastic mod!

I have to say though, I think the hardcore gamers are just thinking too hard. My boyfriend has had a couple of moments where he has gotten stuck and I'll glance over and go, 'Oh, you should be doing this...' and it works. I know how Portal works from watching him play it so I have the basic knowledge to figure out the puzzles but it seems like I have been catching on faster than he does a lot of the time.

There were a few spots where it was extremely hard but not IMPOSSIBLE by any means.

So coming from someone who is a casual gamer, don't worry about the bashing. They just don't understand how to think with Portals.

Can't wait to see the end!

  October 12, 2008 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Hi the community!

I'm XanderSX, I'm French, please excuse me if my English is approximate sometimes.

I just want to post a comment to thank the work of those who worked on this mod ! The design of rooms is realistic, the enigma is very interesting and well developed, there's only one error (to my taste) to this work: the difficulty level.

I read comments concerning the wishes of the team to develop a difficult mod, which is made only for the pure fans of Portal. I understand that something too simple can be frustrating for the fans of greater difficulty, but I'm anxious to ask why this choice to push aside casuals players, the non-fans, just to satisfy a wish that, we can say it, is a little bit selfish?

If you don't like the simple things, the non-fans or casuals players don't like necessarily too difficult things. I thus wish to know if you think of correcting the difficulty or simply, redoing the same mode, but with a gameplay closer to the gameplay of Portal, less difficult than the current mod, to share your intrigue, your vision of the past events, to the more occasional players.

I finished your mod by cheating from the level 3 to say everything to you, and I don't regret that, I was very motivated to know the story which you proposed us, but not at the price of numerous (too numerous ?) tries and failures. I didn't want to succeed at the first time, but refused to fail more of 10 times. That demotivates those as me who are more looking after the story quality of a game and its realization, than its gameplay.
I don't say that sometimes I'm not looking at the gameplay and that I never criticize it, but when the story is very interesting, I really want to be able to play the game profoundly, without having to fail as I said it, too often.

Your mod is very very interesting, is very well developed and realized, but please, for casual gamers like me, who love Portal same if they're not corresponding with your definition of a fanatic player, make an easier identical mod ! Your work's so good as it would be pity to deprive the players of it who just want a good intrigue while staying in the Portal universe.

Sincerely, XanderSX

  October 12, 2008 10:10 PM, Anonymous André. said :
Ok, looking at the youtube videos of the Chamber 9 solution

i admit that it´s doable with a good dose of patience.

I think i get to hard in criticizing the chamber 9.

I just didn´t have the patience to keep tryng until i find the right angle and the right number of infinite jumps.

But looking at all the game, it´s amazing.

It´s a professional game that is bit to hard for my taste in the chamber 9.

The rest of the game is perfect for me.

  October 12, 2008 10:11 PM, Blogger doobldoze said :
Excellent travail, trés peu de bug, frustration sur:
La salle 3 (comprendre qu'il faut pas mettre le portail sur le haut du carré mais sur le bas)
La salle 9, plusieurs deco même en étant persuadé de tenir la solution (la séquence demande pas mal de bol au final)

Je suis là au 18 et j'en garde un peu!

Encore bravo, travail majestueux!

  October 12, 2008 10:24 PM, Anonymous Ibanez said :
You gained much respect from me for this post. Nicely handled, bravo.

  October 12, 2008 10:32 PM, Blogger Steve said :
Completely amazing mod -- first few lwvels slowly inrtoduce you to the ideas of portals, last few are extremely hard - but I found patience and breaks helped to give me time to think through where i moght be going wrong.

Kudos to you. may this be start of something more from you and the world of Apeture Sciences.

  October 12, 2008 11:12 PM, Blogger Joakim said :
You made the mod for a small niche of players, and attracted the attention of a lot of players that you didn't have as your targetted audience. Said players feel that something has to be wrong with the game since they can't see themselves as losers. The game maybe failed for them, but it is most likely living up to the goals that were set when the project started.

  October 12, 2008 11:58 PM, Anonymous Sarda [CP] said :
I don't see what everyone's saying is so hard about level 2. the only problem I had was with level 3, the last jump.

  October 12, 2008 11:59 PM, Anonymous Mikel S. said :
Final word on Chamber 9: It only took me 2 "infinite jumps" to get a portal over the glass wall.

One last thing making a carbon copy of this mod with the difficulty toned down would probably take half the time it took them to make this mod, if it is even possible. To "tone down" the difficulty would involve cutting or completely changing certain chambers.

  October 13, 2008 1:19 AM, Blogger Liam said :
i have changed my mind on 9 now, i think i was thinking a little too much about it and got it fairly quickly when i went back and did it again. everything after that was a breeze, though the boss fight at the end was far to random and hap hazard for my tastes

  October 13, 2008 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Actually, the biggest problem is the author has the balls to put the title "Portal" into it. This isn't Portal.. it's not fun, it's more of a job.. Better luck next time.

  October 13, 2008 1:55 AM, Anonymous Pissed off Portal Fan said :
I had one BIG problem with the game. Wheres the story? All i hear is very bad voice acting (Could you use more of a computer voice?) And all i see is a Portal remake with different levels and 2 different voices, they crack the same jokes, and they try to kill you. This is suppose to be BEFORE Glados, And when i say BEFORE i mean Before the place was nuts, Glados was teh reason that you were set up in so many death areas, Not only that but did u not play portal? The puzzles werent there to kill you, the point of the fucking furnace was to kill you. I hate people who try to make a game based on anything before or after a Good game, and completely ruin it. Learn something before you go ahead and name it after a good game...

In the end. You guys fail, Good job. Waste of disk space, and waste of time.

  October 13, 2008 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I think the problem is you called it Portal:Prelude. That?s quite a bold claim to live up to. If you had just called it "Just another story in the Portal universe", im sire people would be more forgiving?

As a result you've opened yourself up to the full onslaught of Portal fans.

By your own admission you say that you didn't expect it to reach such a wide audience, but by touting this as a ?Prelude to Portal? could you really expect anything else?

For what its worth the mod is pretty decent. I enjoyed some of the rooms and some of the gravity field ones were some of the best.

I guess what I recommend you do is to sever your ties to Portal in everyway but name. And then you will find that the flaming decreases ten-fold.

Don?t let this put you off the mod scene, just try not to be so ambitious with the next one and you?ll do just fine :o)

Peace out.

  October 13, 2008 2:51 PM, Blogger Midnightzak said :
I finally went out and bought Orange Box so I could play this game.

It was much harder and I found myself watching youtube videos frequently near the end of the game to see how someone accomplished a certain room. Most of the time I knew the pattern of things I needed to do but was unsure how to pull it off.

With a little help online this game is definitely beatable. I am now able to beat the game without any help online. Would I have been able to beat it without help? I don't know, possibly not.

Bottom line, this game was intended to be more difficult than Portal and it was, it is an extremely well put together package of levels and has some tricky twists and turns along the way.

To those of you that didn't enjoy the game I am sorry. But if you don't like it then just uninstall it, move on. No flaming here, just suggesting efficiency in your life, no point in kicking and screaming about something you didn't enjoy.

As for the guy wanting the title changed to be less official. That may have solved a few things originally however I think the title is part of the hype and why this got so popular in the first place. I don't think changing the title now is a wise idea, some may even believe its a different game. My vote is just ride this out, it will die down on its own, and P:P team, enjoy the praise and ignore the flamers.

Names for your next adventure?
Portal: Proficiency
Portal: Professional
Portal: Perception
Portal: Pinups (nude mod anyone?)

  October 13, 2008 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :

  October 14, 2008 2:23 AM, Anonymous Andre said :
My Answer to the posts of the person named

Here it goes

Hey you "Shapechanger" is people like you that i want to shoot at, you arrogant scumbags, if you want to show how good you are with a mouse and a portal, go stuck a mouse in our @ss inside a portal to show how
expert with a portal and a mouse you are.

Is you that are the arrogant stupid freak here.

Who made you better than the other people that play this game.

I don´t agree with any offesnses to the developers, but your arrogant scumbags don´t have the right either to say what others should say or not about their problems with playng a game.

  October 14, 2008 10:42 AM, Anonymous phlebiac said :
good work and plase don't change the difficulty, it's great as it is and only because a few f*ckups can't handle it i wouldn't change anything

  October 14, 2008 4:25 PM, Anonymous Jhax said :
Excellent game. I can't congratulate you enough for all the work you guys did.

Sure the game has some flaws, but the positive things outsmart the bad by a longshot.

- Voice acting (can't blame you there, you guys are professional programmers, not profresional voice actors)
- Some puzzles is not about figuring the answer but actually the execution (some chambers require the jumps to be perfect by the milimiter, that's very frustating)

Good things:
- Hardcore puzzles (Love it, way better than the original Portal)
- Storyline (It fitted perfectly with Portal and it kept me wondering all the way what would happen next)
- Glados Battle (I'll take my hat off with that guys, that should ahve been the Glados to fight in the original Portal. Tossing you around, laser beams, shockwaves while avoiding manhaxs, truly epic)
- The code and the style is flawless (Because Im a computer sicentist I can appreciate that. I know you probably followed Valve's standars, but still, u pulled it off beatifully)

Keep up the good work guys. I'm certainly there's a kind reward for you waiting at the end of tunnel for all your hard works.


  October 14, 2008 6:49 PM, Blogger Catalyst said :
People more often voice their negative opinions rather than the positive. So even if you have equal amount of bad critisicm as you have positive feedback, you can rest assured that the ACTUAL amount of positive experiences easily outwheigh the bad. It's just sad that some people resort to pure hostility and insanely vicious behaviour when they don't like something.

Nonetheless, I have to admit that the first double jump in chamber 19 did cause me to utter a few select bad words and the phrase "This jump is hard enough with the other &¤%&#"# platform moving!". Yet, I persevered and succeeded in the jump, only to notice I had forgotten to bring the cube from the previous chamber. So I had to make the jump AGAIN ;)

I'm incredibly impressed at the quality of work with this mod, not to mention the fact that there weren't very many people working on the mod in the first place.

Don't let the morons get you down :)

  October 21, 2008 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
I just got official word from the developers of Portal: Prelude - They are offering a full money-back guarantee if you are upset about how hard the game is. That's right, have you cracked the shits with it? Then you will be refunded the FULL PRICE of portal prelude!

For ze record, I thought you guys did an awesome job, for someone who doesn't get paid for their work.

  October 21, 2008 6:32 PM, Blogger Nicolas said :
That last comment was epic =)

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