Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some players are crazy

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

Seeing that a lot of players are able to do incredible things in the game, I was wondering if I'd make a "Crazy Stuff" page on the website, with all of those awesome videos. What do you think about it?

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  October 15, 2008 12:59 AM, Anonymous sg3s said :
Yeah thats pretty awesome considering there is an 'easier' way to compete that challenge...

  October 15, 2008 1:01 AM, Blogger Nicolas said :
I believe this is the way I used to make the 20 seconds record. As I'm not as good as you guys :D

  October 15, 2008 1:53 AM, Blogger Tomi said :
I think that's a fun idea. I'd love to see some of the crazy/fun things that players do with this game :D

  October 15, 2008 2:07 AM, Anonymous J.Freeman said :
Wow...that's amazing.

I will have to try and do some speed runs now :D

  October 15, 2008 2:13 AM, Blogger Matt said :
I think we need a Crazy Stuff section. Then ppl can vote on ranks and they will be ranked from most amazing to aleast. That would be sweet =)

  October 15, 2008 2:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
Oh come on! What about us mac users?

  October 15, 2008 3:04 AM, Blogger AlexW573 said :
Be right back I just dropped my jaw, hold on... :)

  October 15, 2008 3:35 AM, Anonymous Goron40 said :
Do it.

  October 15, 2008 5:56 AM, Blogger Atreus said :
I would definitely be up for a page like that. Go for it.

  October 15, 2008 8:30 AM, Anonymous Septa Scarabae said :
I've been casually playing Portal: Prelude. Some rooms were tougher for me than others, which was to be expected. I didn't expect to find easier rooms mixed in with the harder, higher level rooms, which was a treat. It broke up the content a bit, so as not to try my patience too much.

While the humor is a bit more coarse that Portal, it isn't lost. Overall, I've enjoyed the experience of getting to room 16. What people don't realize, is that this mod isn't for everyone. I imagine a lot of people have enjoyed it. Some people wont. That's the case with everything. I'm sure if you gave people free money, someone would still complain.

Don't sweat the monkeys flinging crap down here on the ground floor.

  October 15, 2008 9:32 AM, Anonymous Septa Scarabae said :
One thing I will note. Room 19 with Portal Funnel on, took about 10 tries with no progress. I made it on the first try with Portal Funnel disabled. There seems to be a large difference in speed and height.

  October 15, 2008 12:00 PM, Anonymous AnimaguS said :
wow nice O_O

  October 15, 2008 12:03 PM, Anonymous Royale said :
Glad, to see my Video (The 2nd one)
featured on the front page ;)
But I have to admit that the guy who made the first vid could even manage to beat my record by 6 seconds.

Awesomeness ^^

  October 15, 2008 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said :
It's a brilliant idea. Also, it'd be nice to see some secret areas etc.

  October 15, 2008 3:53 PM, Blogger Nicolas said :
@last Anonymouse:
Take a tour in the forums =)

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