Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day Ten: Too Easy?

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

Today, a friend of mine played on the six advanced maps. He played during two hours, trying to beat them as hard as he could, and eventually he gave up during half of them. At the end of the test session, he laughed and said "Ok, it was hard, but still feasible".

I laughed too and I worked a few hours to modify the advanced chambers. They were already really hard, now I wish you the best of luck. Advanced chambers are the funniest part of making this game. It's like a revenge, for all the bugs and crashes I faced during the development! But don't worry, I swear you, they're all feasible.

As you can see, we still have nothing really interesting to talk about. We don't even have any funny bug to show. So, we won't talk much longer here for the moment. At least until we've got something interesting to talk about. Just remember, october 10th.

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