Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day Six: Feedback

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

Six days have passed and the hype seems to slow down (fortunately). I had the time to answer to every email sent since monday and that was epic to see my inbox empty again.

Today, the two testers I gave the game yesterday managed to beat the adventure part. We talked during a long time, we shared a lot of screenshots, a lot of remarks and finally, we worked all day long to correct every bug that had been reported. You may want to know what they thought about the game ?

  • D'un point de vue général, si tu devais donner une appréciation (par rapport à Portal ou pas, peu importe) et une note sur 10 si Portal était 10 ? Considering the game as a whole, if you had to give an appreciation (compared to Portal or not, I don't care) and a mark from zero to ten if Portal was ten ?
  • C'est très pro ce que tu as fait, un bon 9 je dirais. Sérieusement comme je te l'ai dit, ça vaut du Valve et tu ne t'éloignes pas du tout de leur univers. You did something really 'pro', I give you a 9 out of 10. Seriously, as I already said before, it looks like Valve's work, and you're not too far from what they did.
  • Moi, je donnerais 3 notes : 9 pour le scénario, 9 pour l'équilibrage de la difficulté et 7 pour la durée de vie (mais pas par rapport a Portal, c'est par rapport a moi-même). Ça vaut vraiment du Valve, c'est très 'pro'. I'd give you three marks : 9 for the story, 9 for the difficulty balance and 7 for the length of the game (but I'm not comparing to Portal, that's my own opinion). Really looks like Valve, looks 'pro'.

That was really great, they enjoyed the game like they enjoyed Portal, they thought the end was cool, and they laughed while listening to the developers commentaries. They only made one or two critics regarding the rather complex task of beating the final boss and the Aperture Science laboratories part. Hopefully nothing that couldn't be fixed before the release.

Transparency failure

For those of you who way want to learn a few new things about the game, we did an interview with Chris Evans from Click here if you want to read it :
PS: Of course, commentaries subtitles will be in french and english.

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