Friday, September 19, 2008

Day Five: Thanks Everyone

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

I must say thanks to everyone, we only received something like 30 emails today. That was really sweet :D Again, we'd like to say that we're really impressed, and that we're trying to do our best to meet our deadline. We got a new iteration yesterday, and I jumped on this occasion to build the first version of the executable installer to distribute it to the team and a few people I know. They tested it from the installation to the end of the game and they only find one or two dozens of minor bugs and a difficulty somewhat too high. I'm going to make a few changes and fixes in the upcoming days.


So, Ok... we actually got into the Wikipedia, at least until someone named Masem decided that it was not relevant to the article. Well, we don't really care... We made it to the front page of the gaming section of too. That was awesome, thanks guys for crashing our poor little server :D We also made it to kotaku, stumble upon, and nearly every single video-gaming website of the world. Some of them in languages composed of signs we never saw before (hebrew is full of win). The top five websites sending us traffic is :

  • - 18 337
  • - 17 792
  • - 2 665
  • - 1 858
  • - 1 651

Our poor little dedicated server is suffering from the continuous flow of visitors, as you can see, today we doubled our visitor count since yesterday. And yesterday we tripled it since the day before. 40K unique visitors each day, that's somewhat new for us and our little websites.


To conclude, did you know that, for something like 12 hours, the installer of the game was lying publicly on this server ? No, of course you didn't knew. That was the whole point :D (don't try to bruteforce the server, that will not happen anymore)

Anyway, I need sleeeeep, and the weekend is here so... good night !

PS: We already have translators for every language supported by Steam excepting Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Swedish.

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