Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day Four: Enough Please...

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

Ok guys and gals, let's face it. I won't be able to stay awake all night long for much longer. We're not enough and we don't have enough time to answer to every single message that is sent to us. There's already thousands of posts everywhere on the Internet, we first thought we could follow every single one, but well... it's now impossible. We're not going to reply anymore on the forums, blogs, news and so on. I'll try to keep replying to emails, but still. NEED TIME!

Let's face it too, if I continue to try to reply to everyone like this, the game will never make it on time. There's still work to do, and I need more time to concentrate on the project. I wish I could handle both the "community manager" and the "project manager" and the "lead level-designer" and the "webmaster" jobs at the same time, but not really :D

Anyway, there's still people asking us to put a donation link on the website. I'll copy/paste what I always say since we started : "Our goal has never been to make money out of this work. We're not going to ask money and not even to accept it. We used a proprietary 3D engine from Valve, we used their content and we also used a few (three) licensed music. For as long as we don't earn money out of it, we shouldn't get too much in trouble for anything. Plus, that was simply not the point of the whole thing."

I think we'll have a definitive release date after this weekend, I hope... We'll keep you informed, as always. Oh, and we also had new propositions from around the world, and believe me, this is going a bit too far. Magazine covers ? Phone interview ? Meetings ? No, no, no. Guys, no. That's an amateur mod made by three frenchies, there's a lot of mods already out that are miles away from what we did (Insurgency, Dystopia, PVK II, Jailbreak!, Synergy and so on...). I think it's time to get serious again and stop surfing on the buzz wave. You're only making us feel really bad about what could happen, now that everyone think this will be the best game of 2008... seriously, you don't even know anything about it.

We are aware that you're highly anticipating what we did, and that you'd really like to play it. But keep cool, that's just a mod (we know it must seem weird for you to hear us criticize our own project like that). But that's really going a bit too far =)

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