Thursday, October 23, 2008

Portal: Prelude featured on MTV Germany

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

On our forums, eddy posted this:
Yeah your mod was really on MTV in the show called Gameone (in Germany).
Very nice job guys ! Its splitted up in 6 parts. The mod is shown at the 3rd part at 1:15, here's the link: (on the right side are the other parts: teil 1, teil 2 and so on).

Now, the problem is that we can't see anything from France (apparently), the only thing we get is "Sorry, we're unable to retrieve this video.". So, if someone here is able to see it, we'd like him/her to rip the video using any sort of recording software (snagit for example) and send us a link. And if you can't provide us with a video, could you try to translate what they say in english/french?

Thanks in advance!
You can post it here in the comments or send us an email.

EDIT 24/10/08, 02:09:
Mr.Yeah took the time to record it AND translate it for us! Thank you Mr.Yeah, that's wonderful.
You can watch it on Youtube if you can't see it on, and the translation is in the comments.

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