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#1 10-10-2008 02:26:21

El Josho
Registered: 10-10-2008

Portal Gun before boss battle

Are you supposed to be able to get your 2nd portal gun before the turning GlaDOS on? Because I broke the glass with a chair, then got the portal gun before even turning her on.

This produced a number of problems. For starters, I managed to get the GlaDOS core before meeting GlaDOS, and took it into the service tunnels. I then had to put it down when I climbed up the ladder, and I could never get it back again.

Also, when I turned her on, then they turned the generators off and went into the hallways, the elevator didn't work.

I was stuck without a core, and couldn't complete the game.

So is this a bug? Because I don't think your supposed to be able to do it.



#2 10-10-2008 03:10:05

Registered: 09-10-2008

Re: Portal Gun before boss battle

Really? You had the portal gun and you couldn't bring the core up the ladder? I did the same thing, but I put the core on the ground in a safe area and put a blue portal next to it. Then I went through the service tunnels and arrived in the room high up in the GLaDOS room and put an orange portal. ta-daa, core. I stayed in the room when the glass shattered and shot a portal into the big room and waited for the airlock shutters to close (staying against a window pane so I wouldn't get sucked out), but when the shutters were closed the wind was still pushing me into them so it was difficult to get into the portal in the wall (which now lead into the GLaDOS room). But once I did manage to get out of the button room into GLaDOS's, the cinematic camera was very confused because I entered the room from a different spot (the wall I shot the portal into).

Also if you break the glass with a chair AFTER going to the employee room, the guide still tries to talk to you through  the airlock shutters.

Edit: Oh, and if you have the gun or the core or whatever, things are slightly different. for example when the cutscene starts normally, it zooms in to "GLaDOS" printed on the side of one of the rings. After doing this glitch however, the rings ae already spinning.

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#3 14-10-2008 20:53:50

From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 29-08-2008

Re: Portal Gun before boss battle

Fixed in the next update!



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