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#1 01-06-2011 17:35:20

Registered: 01-06-2011

If you want a Portal 2: "Prelude", check this out.

I don't know if this is the right place for this, but....

Anyone feel like helping me create a bunch of levels for Portal 2?

I feel like making a thing like Portal:Prelude, only not a prequel, but a sequel, when the fanfic we're doing (that's at http://chellredacted.tumblr.com/ ) is “over”. Yeah, I know. A month ago I was amongst those who thought a Portal 3 would ruin the series. But then a friend of mine came up with some crazy ideas, and suddenly... Oh, well.
I don't want to get spoilery to everyone about the story I got in mind, only with the people who might be interested (for obvious reasons). There's something I can share... Well, the name of the mod is probably going to be called Portal: Test Subject 1498, so yeah, it's going to be centered around the reasons why Chell gets back to Aperture (you get that for this thing to happen, she has to do so, right?), and blah blah blah... lol

Here’s how you can help me:

- Level design (obviously);
- Help writing a storyline;
- Being a voice actor; (I think we got most everyone needed for this, but I'm still choosing)
- Video editing, and maybe recording as well;
- You good with writing songs? I need you; (I wouldn't be too confident about just writing them myself)
- If you’re good with mixing them, too, as well; (same reason)
- If you’re anything into Portal, marketing, drawing, gaming, computers and so on.

Please reply to this post if you’re interested, or mail me and we’ll stay in touch: chellredacted@hotmail.com
If that's not your case, but you know anyone interested in being a part of a project like this, feel free to share this smile



#2 09-08-2011 17:42:44

Registered: 26-07-2011

Re: If you want a Portal 2: "Prelude", check this out.

i am interested in portal of course, who isn't! but anyways, i could help by being a test subject so-to speak. or i could help with video editing for the trailer once its finished



#3 28-09-2011 22:11:35

Registered: 28-09-2011

Re: If you want a Portal 2: "Prelude", check this out.

I'd help with the music score ^^ and if you want story ideas, I could help with that, too...

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#4 16-12-2011 13:11:58

jayk the pikachu
Registered: 16-12-2011

Re: If you want a Portal 2: "Prelude", check this out.

I could help with storyline and possibly character ideas



#5 23-10-2012 03:07:07

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Re: If you want a Portal 2: "Prelude", check this out.

I can help.... Also is GlaDOS Going to be in it or not, I have a Character that is a back up GlaDOS, you know when GlaDOS is Turned OFF, His name is OS, and he sounds awesome.



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