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Portal: Prelude inspired fan-film (Spoilers)

Hey this is Hi2tai or #0 Studios,
I'm making a fan film Inspired by Portal: Prelude and its not getting a lot of support. I need the support so I can make the film. So, I'm posting this so people can see I'm not going to give out to much except I've gotten the admin's Permission and that it is inspired by Portal: Prelude, Portal and Portal 2, so the movie can be more in sync.
Thank you all for Reading.
#0 Studios

PS- The movie will be much better than the Teaser trailer.

PPS- The music is made by Raubana

Video Link- IT"S FREE
Please click this link!!! Professional channel.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW8Y6lbS … re=related

-update- 2015

The new teaser for said film is this

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