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#1 01-05-2011 02:47:29

From: pk
Registered: 01-05-2011

This Thread Contain Spoilers

First, Great game, very nice mood you gave to it. Love he characters.

One thing is bugging me out, tough: The guys of aperture openly tried to kill Abby. I could still be OK with it, but at the end, they are like "congratulation, you made it, now let's have party!" As if trying to kill her was alright and all is forgotten. I mean, in the original portal, one could suppose GlaDos made deadly additions once she took over, or that the test chambers were originally made for droids (as seen on the note-clips) or we could imagine the tests were deadly from the start, with prisoners of some sort, but then being all friendly with the one who succeed doesn't rally make.

I was more expecting Abby to try to run away, once she managed to luck out of the test chambers (and punch Eric in the face while she was at it).

One other thing, tough it's more minor, but wasn't the morality module supposed to step the gaz? Here, in the final, it look like it only start to leak out once it is put on place. But I suppose one could imagine Mike could still improve a few line-code of it once it was connected (hence Abby doesn't die suffocating), or something like that.

Anyway, despite this little element that kind of break the flow of the story, I greatly enjoyed the experience. And despite its out of place kind of way, it was still a bit of heartwarming moment and a nice breath in the story.



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