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#1 17-04-2011 05:02:48

Registered: 17-04-2011

Very Hard, But Very Awesome.

Hey, figured I would register and leave a review on here.
This mod is tough. Very tough. Hellish tough in two sections. I found myself getting really frustrated with this, much more than in comparison to the original Portal. And then I realized...

I was comparing a mod to the original game it was based off. THAT is a huge success for a mod, something that most mods will never achieve. I pretty quickly started to use tricks I learned in the original portal (that weren't needed for it, but are needed in this mod) and everything started to make sense. I managed to get through it without walkthroughs and have already sent this website's link to some friends. They love tough games, and portal as well, so this will be a real treat for them.

I thought the story was pretty fair for a mod. It was by no means an epic tale, but it was very funny and far better than I expected from a free game. After reading a lot of other people's reviews, it's pretty easy to see they wanted something like the original portal. In this game, I felt that the chambers were just that, chambers. The story kicked in afterwards and was a neat way to show how Glados killed the scientists and got her morality core (Although seeing G-man, etc after the credits was confusing, no lie, but I don't mind).

The voices..... I think if people are going to get upset at the computer voices, they should think of three things...
1. Making voices that sound correct and interesting is INSANE. If you have ever actually tried it, especially with a team, it's a nightmare.
2. Working with voice actors (a better option) is also a tough gig. It's stressful and time consuming, hence why most mods do not have voices at all.
3. If neither of the two above options are used, using computer voices is a real push, but the technology has come far enough to where it is an actual option. It's better than no voice at all.

I found the voices in Prelude to be obviously electronic, but strangely interesting. For some reason, I thought it actually fit the game. I thought they sounded quite amazing for computer generated and I say congrats. Ive heard plenty of people make harsh comments about a game needing more stuff, but it's all water under the bridge unless they actually know what it is like to work on a project without stable or ample resources. With that considered, Prelude wayyy over-delivered what I expected.

tl;dr version:
Prelude is like the original Portal, but with really tough difficulty, and requiring tricks (as stated in the loading screen), exactly what I was looking for. Wonderful mod, had me comparing it to the original game in a lot of ways, which I didn't expect to do. Thanks for the great, free game.



#2 17-04-2011 20:23:31

From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 29-08-2008

Re: Very Hard, But Very Awesome.

Your feedback is much appreciated, you can't imagine how glad I am when I get it from people that are exactly in our target audience. When you reached the people you wanted to reach and allowed them to have a good time, that's 1000x the reward. So thanks!



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