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#1 05-02-2011 22:51:34

Registered: 05-02-2011

who are they?

i was wondering who that guy that was pulling abby away at the end was.
also, dide anyone else see G-Man like 4 times?



#2 06-02-2011 17:44:27

Registered: 06-02-2011

Re: who are they?

It is supposed to be a mystery, i guess, since we will only "know" some answers with Portal 2 to be released in two and a half months.

And the Gman sights happens because Half Life episode two link the two games togheter, as i also suppose.

I played this game, Portal Prellude, all again this week and it is a brilliant work. Playing it again, make me understand how it is really well done for those who think with portals or are well trained with Portal.
Itīs a master piece really.

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