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#1 28-06-2010 15:39:02

Registered: 28-06-2010

I cant run portal prelude for some reason.

I have installed portal prelude in the sourcemods folder in the steamapps folder.
I have closed steam before the installtion started.
When i opened steam portal prelude was in there, but when i entered it, the regular portal was opened insted of portal prelude.
Im not sure it is the right fourm to post this topic, so please help me or move this topic to the right forum.



#2 31-07-2010 09:04:34

Dr. Haaxx
Registered: 31-07-2010

Re: I cant run portal prelude for some reason.

ok the installer puts a space in between portal and prelude just delete the space and see if that works, also if this helps create a shortcut from the hl2.exe, and from the shortcut put this command -game portalprelude in, also if you want the console make it look like this -game portalprelude -console at the end of the target.

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