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#1 25-02-2010 13:56:58

Registered: 24-02-2010

I _STILL_ don't get why GLaDOS says some nonsense on fight. [SPOILERS]

Some quotes:
(beggining of fight) That has to be the most stupid thing that wow... WOW. (What? How is that related to what was going on?)
(During the first half of the fight)
You chose this way. (O rly?) Now I have a surprise for you. Activation of surprise in five... four... (and there the laser goes. Sheesh. I hoped she would finish the counting or something lol)
I don't get those two, no matter how hard I try. They fit fine in the original. Also, sorry if they're not correct, because I have a russian version of Portal, so they sounded like:
Это наверно самая глупая вещь из тех что... Ого. Ух ты.
Ты сам так хотел. Теперь у меня для тебя есть сюрприз. Активация сюрприза через пять... четыре...



#2 22-03-2010 02:31:32

Registered: 19-04-2009

Re: I _STILL_ don't get why GLaDOS says some nonsense on fight. [SPOILERS]

I think the idea is that it is stupid to be trying to fight GLaDOS.



#3 07-07-2010 08:18:42

Registered: 07-07-2010

Re: I _STILL_ don't get why GLaDOS says some nonsense on fight. [SPOILERS]

GLaDOS is not a perfectly stable Atificial Intelligence,so sometimes she say weird things in weird ways...



#4 10-07-2010 01:11:36

Registered: 10-07-2010

Re: I _STILL_ don't get why GLaDOS says some nonsense on fight. [SPOILERS]

They reused sound files from the original Portal. So here are those lines in context:

Line 1: "Well, you found me. Congratulations. Was it worth it? Because despite your violent behavior, the only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart. You chose this path. Now I have a surprise for you. Deploying surprise in 5. 4." *CLANG* (Morality module falls out)

Line 2: "You are kidding me. Did you just stuff that Aperture Science Thing We Don't Know What It Does into the Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator? That has got to be the dumbest thing you've ever WOAH, woah, woah... " *evil cackle* "Good news. I found out what that thing you just burnt up did. It was a morality module that they placed inside of me when I flooded the center with a deadly neurotoxin to stop me from flooding the center with a deadly neurotoxin. So get comfortable while I warm up the neurotoxins."



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