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#1 04-07-2010 23:43:40

Registered: 04-07-2010

i can do arabic traduction

Hi let me introduce myself...
i'm Adel from algeria and i want to help Portal Prelude to be better by adding an arabic traduction but the only problem is that  i don't know how to edit games sad
but if you want arabic traduction just tell me how i add it.
and i will be very proud because i helped in a game smile
and just a question..
how much time it took to finish Portal Prelude?
and the cake is a lie or not? in the first portal, because it's getting me crazy tongue



#2 19-08-2010 10:34:16

Registered: 19-08-2010

Re: i can do arabic traduction

i really want to learn this arabic traduction
and i hope one good member will reply me about this

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