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#1 10-11-2008 05:13:08

Registered: 09-10-2008

Testchamber 15 failure

I found a seriously weird bug in Testchamber 15. When I was going through the obstacle course portion (with all the moving blocks), I got pushed through the ceiling by a moving platform. (Had invincibility enabled, so it wasn't an instakill.) For some reason, I was outside the level and unable to move, yet I could still shoot Portals and go through them. Using this, I managed to get unstuck.

Then I looked down into the room. It was COMPLETELY ON FIRE! Even though I didn't trigger the Chamber Fail scene, it was on fire! And more than just the signs and one of the Buttons was flaming; it was half the room! This is a seriously weird bug, but even weirder is that when I tried to see if it was repeatable, I got stuck inside one of the pillars. Oh, and then I got killed by the electric field. sad

Maybe it's a disassociation between the Chamber Fail's trigger and the DeadPlayer (whatever it's called) event... But it doesn't seem to be repeatable.



#2 10-11-2008 07:40:26

From: THE Netherlands
Registered: 10-10-2008

Re: Testchamber 15 failure

Awesome bug if you ask me... But you asked for it when you enabled invincibility... no need to say that you were supposed to DIE heh?



#3 10-11-2008 15:13:37

From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 29-08-2008

Re: Testchamber 15 failure

Indeed, the game wasn't made with the player beeing invincible in mind.



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