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#1 14-10-2008 15:45:31

Registered: 14-10-2008

Installer Issues

Don't know if this is a huge deal or not (I'm just downloading the zip right now), but IMHO the installer needs to let you choose where it temporarily extracts and ultimately installs files.  Running multiple partitions, I have my boot partition squared off and installed programs and junk on a completely separate partition.  The installation failed in the middle of extracting due to no space being left on my boot partition. 

Fairly sure the installer is probably extracting files temporarily to my boot partition and not cleaning them up immediately after it finishes moving them to the Steam dir.  It might have even been trying to write the files to my boot partition (I honestly didn't check to see before the installation rolled itself back), instead of to the partition where I actually have Steam installed.

Again, not sure if there's much you can do about that or not since you obviously didn't write the installer (and I've never really used the Nullsoft installer for apps before).  Won't hurt my feelings any if this gets marked as invalid smile

*** EDIT ***

Follow up -

Looks like the issue is where the installer is temporarily extracting files.  When manually extracting stuff with the ZIP to my Steam dir, found that some of the files already existed, so the installer was actually placing files on the right partition.  I guess it's just that when its temporarily extracting files, it does it on my boot partition and some files may be abnormally large, or otherwise it's not cleaning up files that have been completely extracted quickly enough.

Guess it's mostly my own fault for having my partitions set up the way I do .. buuuuuuuuuuut at least there's a zip out there, so I'll stop complaining now smile

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#2 14-10-2008 16:43:45

From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 29-08-2008

Re: Installer Issues

We'll do a better installer in the next update.



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