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#1 14-10-2008 10:35:11

From: Montréal, QC
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Portal: Prelude Official Walkthrough Released!

Our "official" walkthrough of Portal: Prelude is now finished. Why bother making our own walkthrough? Because we found that a lot of "unoffical" ones are using way too difficult and unnatural solutions and doing a lot of unnecessarilly complex things. Not that it can't work, but it gives the impression that one can only beat this mod with tricks and stuff... There is no need for tricks and we'll prove it in this walkthrough.

We decided to use veoh.com because of three reasons. It allows the creation of channels where you can play all the videos in a row. It has a somewhat good quality, somewhere between the crappy Youtube and the "too-much" Vimeo. And it will allow us to let people do their own walkthrough on Youtube without interfering. If you know another website that can allow people to upload videos from an URL, feed free to tell us. We won't upload 1.63 GB of videos from our own private connexions, it would take days.

Watch our Veoh channel



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