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#1 14-10-2008 12:09:30

Registered: 14-10-2008

Can't go to level 18

Hi guys,

I've just finished lelvel 17 and I go to the elevator to reach level 18, and it's loading while i'm in the elevator, but it never finishes to load. I press Ctrl + Alt + Del, and I just see my mouse.
If someone could send me a saved game so that I skip this loading or something like that. Because I really don't know what's hapening, all went perfect until here. And I would want to finish this game smile

Thank you



#2 14-10-2008 14:12:14

From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 29-08-2008

Re: Can't go to level 18

Turn the console on in the options and type "map level_07".
If the problem persists, then it is likely to be related to your hardware or the installer didn't installed the files correctly.
It will most likely be fixed in the next update.



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