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#1 15-09-2012 11:12:36

Registered: 15-09-2012

Steam Greenlight

What about publish this mod on Greenlight to can download directly from Steam with official support and stuff like BMS?

this mod really worth be on steam greenlit



#2 15-09-2012 23:27:02

From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 29-08-2008

Re: Steam Greenlight

While that sounds like a plan we'd have jumped on at the time we released the mod back in 2008, this is not something we'd like to achieve anymore. A lot of things happened since the release, our team split apart and we all stopped working on the source engine. So yeah... as we state on our website, sorry for the inconvenience but support for Portal: Prelude is no longer provided.



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