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#1 05-03-2012 03:16:53

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From: Arizona
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Portal: prelude prequel

I recently got portal: prelude and it is very awsome. One time I kind of thought up a prequel to portal: prelude (it is supposed to take place in the old laborotories that you see in portal 2) and also is portal: prelude for the Xbox 360?



#2 21-04-2012 00:09:58

From: alabama
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Re: Portal: prelude prequel

day late and a dollar short bud,

http://www.portalprelude.com/forum/view … hp?id=1264

already had that idea a while back and i been working on it off and on for a while i just started a new project focusing entirely on companion cube since nobody really gave a flying hoot but if you wanna collaborate ideas we could work something out and have your thoughts put in with mine and see what we can come up with look me up on face book with the same name as on here youll reach me a lot faster just lemmie know in a message

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