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#1 28-07-2011 01:28:03

From: In the Enrichment Center
Registered: 28-07-2011

Help with new mod!

Thanks to Portal Prelude, I found out that with the right attitude, humor, and ideas (also great music!), you can make a memorable mod like Portal Prelude. So I got the Source SDK and Base 2006 and Base 2007. Then, in Source SDK, I switched to 2007 engine version and hit "Create a Mod". I then chose HL2 Single-Player and followed the steps. It then unpacked everything, and immediately changed the mod place to 2009 (So that Hammer would work properly). When I opened up the Portal map I made while editing my mod, it came up with white textures and the portal gun changed to a picture with a guy smiling and thumbs-upping with "Obsolete" under it. I tried to replace the textures and portal gun, but they were missing! Can anyone help me?



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