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Map design aspect I did not like

I like this hack. It is the most well worked one I have seen so far, and the first one that I actually went as far as to install it and try it.

However, in my opinion, by far, the most annoying trait in Portal Prelude seems to be that most of its levels seem to hinge on skillful maneuvering of the exact type of actions where the game is at its worst; namely, going through floor-placed portals.

Combine chaotic and uncontrollable camera rotations (which are slow in Portal 1, to add) with time pressure, and you've got a game that leaves a bitter aftertaste.

Being a person with less than perfect coordination and a computer with less than perfect FPS, I am of course biased, but I do not really like how the focus in this hack has been seemingly shifted from "tinker with toys and discover clever solutions" (core principle in Portal 1 and 2 design) into a "learn to execute a well-prepared choreography and hope that the game or your controls do not lag at a crucial moment".
Sometimes you will have to take a leap of faith as part of a level's solution. For example, you only have to guess and try whether a jump is long enough to cover the required distance, and there is no other way. This is bad level design. (Portal 2 had this ailment in one or two spots as well.)
I am not very far into the game yet, so I don't know whether these traits will ultimately prevent me from progressing at the game at some point. But they do invoke feelings of frustration that are not particularly reciprocated by feelings of success when the level is finally completed.

I do like the story and other detail.

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