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#1 17-05-2011 20:57:25

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About GLaDOS and people who made her

These two things really bugs me:

1. when they were testing GLaDOS, each time they turned her on, she tried to kill everybody in the room. But still, they gave her full access to facility, including neurotoxin, so she could easily kill everyone. That does not make sense. If they were smart enough to make A. I., how could they be so dumb that they plugged her in, even when they knew that she was hostile? And they even did so without morality core.

2. (PORTAL 2 SPOILER WARNING) Why GLaDOS needed so big body with personality cores, tons of cables, huge discs and stuff, when later she could normally work when she was small thing, attached to a potato?

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#2 09-08-2011 17:44:32

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Re: About GLaDOS and people who made her

answer to #2: bigger is better (thats what she said, i know)



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