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#1 13-05-2011 12:39:17

leads by phone
From: pk
Registered: 13-05-2011

you guys could sort that out.

If I place a floor portal and a roof portal one over the other (infinite loop) and i drop in facing north, I continue to face north. But if I have both portals on the floor and go in facing north, I come out facing South.

This is obviously a design choice to stop Portalling being a mindf**k when doing the infinite loop formation, but it really screws me when trying to place two on the floor. I went back to check and discovered that this does not happen in the master game, their must be a line of code that determines whether the portal is roof or floor and aligns it accordingly so that in both cases listed above, if you go in facing north, you come out facing north.

Sorry to throw an issue like this at you with no help, but I'm not a programmer, and it's a bit of a game breaker for me, if you can't fix it that's fine, i might be able to struggle on. But it would really, REALLY help if you guys could sort that out.



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