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#1 25-04-2011 16:28:26

Registered: 25-04-2011

Well done guys, and thanks :)

Just finished Prelude and wanted to drop you guys a line to say thanks for the fun.  The ending was particularly well done and served as a great reward for getting through some of the more challenging chambers.  One of my favourite parts was the latter half of chamber 19 (after you exit the main room) which looked ridiculously difficult from the bottom but was in actual fact a shitload of fun to do.

It's a little sad that so many criticisms are leveled at you guys for something awesome that you did for FREE (because you loved the game) so I hope my comments can serve to balance this out a little.  Thanks again, and I'd just love to see you guys do something similar with Portal 2 wink



#2 17-07-2011 20:12:26

From: Belgium
Registered: 17-07-2011

Re: Well done guys, and thanks :)

Hi guys, I registered this forum to say Thanks for this Portal mod. The level design is absolutely crazy, test chambers (and the final) requires are so difficult I died many times but the challenges was very interesting.

The scenario makes sens only with the final, but I liked the humor of Eric, Myke and Peter's conversations during the tests big_smile.

Thanks again, I plan to write something about Portal saga on my blog/site and I'll say some words about this mod.

Great job again, guys!



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