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#1 13-04-2011 19:06:23

Registered: 13-04-2011

Stuck forever in final level - Is this an unexpect situation?

Well, I just got Portal Prelude yesterday. It's really much harder than the Portal, I considered.

In the last level when I grabbed the first ASHPD(blue one) then instead of getting the second one, I made it to GlaDOS room, and used the ASHPD to get back to the room where i got the device, from that point if I created a blue portal again, I have destroyed the only way to get back to GLaDOS room, since the elevator used to get to that room became unavailable. Thus created the permanent stuck but using cheatcode.

Is this a known glitch(or whatever it called)? Is this an intention? Or is this a miscalculation?



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