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#1 12-02-2011 05:43:41

Registered: 12-02-2011

fun experience

Thanks for the last 2 days of enjoyment instead of work i should have been doing smile

The biggest problems I had with the game were levels 2 and 3. Suprisingly I found them to be not just difficult but incredibly tedious. What makes the portal games fun is that they force you to "think with portals" to come up with creative ways to solve problems. When the solution is plainly obvious but the excecution has to be practiced again and again to be flawless is the opposit of fun. I almost stopped playing then and there but thankfully I continued because from there on out the game is amazing, challenging and FUN! It is a shame that other people leave after that thinking the rest of the game is of the same quality as those first maps.

Seriously though, the game would be improved if those levels were simply removed. Thankfully they can be skipped on the menu screen though.

The last part of the last testing map was awesome where there are all those moving platforms and you have to get to the top.

All in all it was fun and challenging. Will recomend to others.

Thankyou for taking the time to create it



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