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#1 14-07-2010 20:52:20

Registered: 14-07-2010

scientist appear as the word "error"... Help!

ive looked at previous posts for this and the admin refused to help because the person having trouble didnt have a legit version of portal. ill post a screen shot of my steam as proof i do have Portal (but i dont know how....)

but anyway, the game is great and rock you like a hurricane is much better that the instrumental "still alive", but whenever i look at the characters in the windows they appear as glowing red errors



#2 31-07-2010 08:03:04

Dr. Haaxx
Registered: 31-07-2010

Re: scientist appear as the word "error"... Help!

Hey I'm in the process of fixing them check out my thread! hopefully I can get it fixed!

http://www.portalprelude.com/forum/view … 4962#p4962

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